Friday Linkage 11/20/2015

Damn, Bobby Jindal dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Oh wait, you did not know Bobby Jindal was running? Neither did 99% of Republican voters because none of them cared that the soon-to-be-former Governor of Louisiana was really just trying out for Fox News. Maybe he can join Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum on a weekend talk-a-thon called “The Losers.”

Note: There will be no Friday Linkage published on Friday November 27th because I will be enjoying the slopes in Colorado.

On to the links…

The U.S. And Japan Are Close To Reaching A Major Agreement On Coal—One of the next links to break in the coal chain is the financing provided by developed countries to build coal fired power plants in the developing world. If the U.S. and Japan stop financing these projects coal will really be on a downward spiral.

Coal’s Cruel Fortune: Its Biggest Market Is Also the Windiest—The states that depend on coal the most in the U.S. are also the ones that have the most wind resources. As wind becomes cost competitive or even cheaper than coal how can the dirty old fuel compete? The answer is that it cannot.

The Clean Energy Revolution In Three (Or Four) Charts—The cost curve has been bent in renewables favor and policies will only make it the more sensible choice going forward. This is the future.

Federal Fossil Fuels Programs Contradict Obama’s Climate Goals—If we want to make real progress on climate goals the federal government should adopt a “leave it in the ground” policy when it comes to fossil fuels on public lands.

University of Iowa Ramps up Use of Biomass Fuel—Generally, we think of renewable fuel advancement coming from large governments or power companies. Universities can be a source of positive change and forward movement.

Solar Prices Could Be 10% Less Than Coal In India By 2020—We have been waiting for renewables to get to the “China price” or the “”India price.” That time may be coming sooner than we thought.

When Will the World Wake up to the Potential of Poo Power?—In the western world, particularly the United States, we like to just flush away any reminder that were defecate. It is unfortunate because we are flushing away something that might be a potential resource.

A Glimpse into the Promising Future of Wheat—Between the gluten free craze and low carb diets wheat has had a pretty dismal run the past few years. What if the wheat we eat today is really just a product of bad genetics and there is a better wheat out there?

A Million Pounds of Pedal Powered Compost—Pedal powered compost? Where do I sign up?

The Innovative Delivery System Transforming Gothenburg’s Roads—This is such an amazing system. Now, it would require collaboration and in the U.S., at least, collaboration is a dirty word in private business. Reeks of socialism or some such crap.

The Republican Wall of Climate Denial Is Starting to Crack—It’s a small change, but when the dam breaks it is over for the climate change denial crew.

This Climate Denier Just Can’t Wait to Debut his “Documentary” in Paris—How are these guys even getting the time of day from anyone anymore?

That Big Beer Merger Might Make You Pay Too Much for Your Brew—The new mega brewer made possible by AB InBev’s recent acquisition of SAB Miller means that beer may get more expensive. I am not worried about the price of crappy light lager, but craft brewers are worried about the price and availability of hops next year.


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