The Joni Ernst Watch 11/30/2015

When it comes to Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst or Steve King it’s clown shoes all day, every day. Recently, the conversation in Iowa has turned away from our homegrown whack-a-doos and focused on the nutcase circus that will be the Republican caucus.

The Republican Party has shown its true colors in the wake of the attacks in Paris that claimed so many lives. The Republican “brand” is so tied to the never ending “war on terror” that the potential potentates are required to take the most extreme stand on the issue in order to look tough for the base. Unfortunately, the target of the most vicious rhetoric are often not the people who are to blame for atrocities but, rather, who present an easily identifiable target that cannot fight back. This time it is predominantly Muslim refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Take Steve King, who is essentially an annoying yip dog in human form, who regarding the influx of refugees to Europe said recently:

I saw the erosion of the culture in Europe and I’m not very optimistic about whether they can ever be formed again to be the core of western civilization that they once were because of the colossal cultural suicide that they’re committing

Remember, he is talking about people fleeing horrible atrocities. These people are fleeing being bombed by Russian warplanes. I thought some of that old 1980s Cold War nostalgia would at least compel blowhards like Steve King to have a little compassion. My bad.

Steve King could not let the topic alone. Speaking to Breitbart News—is that even a thing?—he said:

My wife said this morning, ‘If you had 100 grapes and you knew that two of them were fatally poisonous, would you sit there and eat the grapes until one of them killed you? Or would you decide, I’m not going to take that bunch of grapes at all?’ That’s what we’re dealing with here with the Syrian refugees.

Give me your tired…nah, modern day Republicans are just out to score political points. Steve King really outdid himself in an interview with CNBC’s Chris Hayes. Speaking about the ability or his perception of the Muslim community’s inability to assimilate into American culture and society King said:

Well, Chris that’s a reference to groups of people, not individuals. Of course individuals have assimilated into the broader American society. But yeah, no one has shown me an example of large groups of people that have settled into America from that part of the world that have assimilated into the broader American society.

But then King went all dog whistle and referenced Sharia law:

They bring with them Sharia law, which is completely contradictory to the Constitution itself. It’s incompatible with the Americanism.

If this is the caliber of leadership in America we are doomed.

Not learning from the past decade of war the junior senator from Iowa has now made the call for an increased military response to the situation in the Middle East:

We are talking about an all-out war against ISIS. Yes, I believe we need to destroy ISIS. And, historically, we have never won a war just on an air campaign. So at some point, there is a need to put in ground forces. But again, I think that should be done as part of a coalition. So again, it’s up to our joint chief of staff, it’s up to the president, and it’s up to Congress, to work on building a coalition of other nations, as well.

These people cannot get enough of military adventures in the Middle East.


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