Friday Linkage 12/4/2015

1,000. There have been 1,000 mass shootings since the rampage in Sandy Hook, CT. What have we done about our problem with gun violence in America? Nothing. The NRA will be allowed to continue its jihad of putting a gun in the hand of every American and we will continue down the insane path of assuming that somehow things will be different in the future. It is shameful.

On to the links…

EPA Tosses Aside Safety Data, says Dow Pesticide for GMOs Won’t Harm People—So, the weeds are becoming resistant to RoundUp. Now the companies behind other nasty chemicals are reinterpreting scientific data mid-study to align the results with the conclusions they need to spread more nasty chemicals on our land. Money talks.

Farm States Urged to Promote More Cover Crop Usage—Cover crops are one of those old school techniques that should be deployed universally to help solve some of the problems we have with soil fertility, carbon sequestration, and chemical runoff.

Solar or Coal? The Energy India Picks May Decide Earth’s Fate—Buy a hybrid, install solar panels on your house, go vegan…none of it may matter is India decides to bet its future on coal generated power.

Fossil Fuel Companies Could Waste $2.2 Trillion In Investments In Next Decade—If demand destruction from efficiency and renewables comes to pass, fossil fuel investment will essentially be wasted.

Exxon Accuses Columbia Journalism Students of ‘Ethics Violations’ for Reporting on Exxon’s Own Ethics Violations—Does this sound somewhat like a small child yelling at his sister that she’s a liar too? Just saying.

Minnesota’s Largest Solar Array now Generating Power at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport—Why isn’t every parking lot and parking garage in America covered in some form of solar panels? The spaces are not aesthetically pleasing in any way, so no one can argue that solar panels have “ruined the view” and almost everyone appreciates parking under some kind of shade. Seems like a missed opportunity.

When Do Solar Panels Stop Producing?—What is the actual expected life of those solar panels? Is it like so-called thirty year shingles that begin to degrade by about year 10 and look like crap by year 15?

Stanford Study Examines Renewables Roll-Out In Three Major Economies—Want to see what lessons can be learned from the rollout of renewables in Germany, California, and Texas? Read this report. I am kind of sad that Iowa was not included considering how large a percentage of our grid’s power comes from wind. Oh well.

When 12 MPG Is An Achievement—Commercial trucks get little of our attention, but small gains in efficiency can lead to big cuts in fossil fuel use because of how many miles these vehicles drive relative to the average passenger vehicle.

Home-Sized Biogas Unit turns Organic Waste into Cooking Fuel and Fertilizer, for under $900—I want one of these. I do not know where I would put it or if I could actually have it in my yard, but I want my own biogas unit.

The Case For A Meat Tax—If there is one thing you should do to cut down on your impact it would be to stop eating meat and animal products like dairy or eggs. No other choice is as easy—just stop doing it—or cheap—it will actually save you money instead of costing you an investment. People, however, are wedded to slabs of meat so maybe we should tax meat like alcohol or cigarettes.

Will El Niño be Able to Flush Fish Invaders out of the L.A. River?—Add another thing to the list that California hopes El Nino will solve.

The Myth of ‘Easy’ Cooking—30 minute meals piss me off. I cook almost every night that my children do not have an activity, which thanks to their lack of programming works out to five nights out of the week and I struggle to complete recipes in anything close to the estimated time. Maybe the meals only take that long if you already have done all of the prep work or if you could actually “caramelize” onions in a few minutes. Let’s stop the insanity.

New Glarus Beer is Legendary, but is it Worth the Drive?—In one of the single best marketing moves I have seen in a lot of years, New Glarus Brewing stopped selling its beers outside the state of Wisconsin. By creating a mystique the beer has become a talisman for beer drinkers. Amazing.


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