Founders Brewing Co Harvest Ale

Wet hopping or fresh hopping is a trend. Unlike a lot of craft beer trends it’s reach is severely limited by the availability of freshly harvested hops. This year I went out of my way to find wet hopped beers and give them a try. Today’s offering is Founders Brewing Co Harvest Ale:


Harvest Ale

I am a big fan of Founders Brewing beers. All Day IPA is one of my favorite beers. There are always a few cans—or more—in the refrigerator at any one time and it is my go to beer during the summer. I cracked open a bottle of Harvest Ale expecting something bold and, perhaps, amazing. Instead I kind of just said, “Meh.”

Like so many Founders Brewing beers, Harvest Ale is hitting my so-called golden ration of alcohol to bitterness at 7.6% ABV and 70 IBU. From the image you can see that Harvest Ale pours fairly pale, so I expected the beer to fairly boozy and bitter because there was little malt to back things up. However, the flavors across the board were really muted. It’s like I was drinking a beer during a head cold and could not smell anything. There just was not a lot in the glass to write home about.

The hardest part about judging Harvest Ale is the price. A four pack cost me $11. For about $6 more I could have a fifteen pack of All Day IPA, which is a beer that I think has more going on in terms of flavor than Harvest Ale. You may have a different opinion:

Two Mug Purchase

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