Stuff I Like: Choad Cheese

If you wax skis or snowboards with any frequency you know that some all-temp hot waxes can make your workspace smell like the air around the Pine Bend Oil Refinery in Minnesota. Don’t know what that smells like? Mordor. It smells like I imagine Mordor smelled like. Yes, Frodo, I am waxing my fourth pair of skis. No, Samwise, Gollum’s precious is not going to make this go any faster.

Here’s the answer…Choad Cheese:


It’s wax for snow sports. Pretty simple. However, the stuff does not smell like a chemical spill delivered by Captain Hazelton. Look that one up you whipper snappers.

I tend to be a fan of the “Jovian’s Brazilian,” which smells like coconut and suntan lotion. Maybe you would be a fan Britney Spears circa the mid-1990s? Get a package of the oh-so appropriately named “Horny.”

All right. The names are ridiculous—anything named Dirty Hippie is a little ridiculous—and the marketing can be a little on the childish side, but we are talking about something that helps you slide down the face of a mountain covered in snow using wood strapped to your feet. Isn’t there something inherently ridiculous about that whole endeavor?

I know, I know. Choad Cheese is for snowboards. Guess what? It works well on skis. The guys who are behind Choad Cheese will probably howl at the mere mention of their product in association with skis, but they can learn to deal. The Gooch can learn to deal.

Pick up a package, melt it on your sticks, and tell me that it is not a better option than that brick of all-temp wax that burned the hair from your nostrils with its nasty chemical odor.

NOTE: I actually bought and paid for Choad Cheese with my own money. I received nothing for actually liking this product and telling people about it.


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