Friday Linkage 12/11/2015

Donald Trump is the unrestrained id of the Republican Party. I cannot figure out if anything discussed or agreed on at COP21 is worth a damn. And the Hawkeyes finally lost a football game. May you live in interesting times…

On to the links…

ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 9°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action—Where does one even begin to peel back the layers in that headline. Yes, the same ExxonMobil that has funded climate denial “science” and been accused of hiding the truth about climate change for decades has publicly announced that it is a dire problem. Thanks for coming late to the party.

Global Carbon Emissions Could Stall In 2015—Really? Maybe there is some good news after all:


Reckoning in Appalachia: Why Coal Mining Outlaw Don Blankenship’s Conviction Matters—More than anything this matters because people like Don Blankenship have run roughshod over poor communities for decades without fear of prosecution, much less incarceration. Plus, someone should go to jail for wearing this outfit:

don blankenship

Egypt Signs Agreements To Develop 1.8 GW Solar Power Park—I love that deals to develop almost 2 GW of solar power go relatively unnoticed in the clean tech press.

This Scientist Uncovered Problems With Pesticides. Then the Government Started to Make His Life Miserable.—This is what happens when you do your job and it conflicts with the wishes of Monsanto or Dow or DuPont or any other agri-chemical cartel.

Crazy Clip Shows What Happens When You Connect Gas Bags to Cows—As I attempt to further reduce my family’s already small amount of meat, dairy, and egg consumption videos like this remind me why it is such a major deal for the climate. In the absence of everything else, the single most important personal action you can take to help the climate is to not eat animal products.

The Japanese Barely Eat Whale. So Why Do They Keep Whaling?—I suppose the answer cannot be as simple as they are being as stubborn as a six-year-old throwing a temper tantrum about screen time?

It’s Time to Let Lake Powell Go—Lake Powell was a mistake so many years ago. It is an even worse decision now.

Surprise! These 15 Common Grocery Store Items Are Almost Never Recyclable—We dutifully fill out blue recycling bins with refuse we think is going to be made into something new. In reality, it’s just another stream of trash that we get to feel better about throwing away.

Who’s making Trader Joe’s food? An investigation of the secretive grocery chain—I always wonder what company is behind the products at Trader Joe’s. Now, we have some answers. Maybe.

The King of Beers Wants to Push Craft Brews out of Your Supermarket—Unless you think Shock Top and Blue Moon are “craft” beers you might be in for a shock as the macro brewers merge and consolidate. Incentive programs are a big deal for distributors and they will push product for the macro brewers given these incentives. The losers will be craft brewers and craft beer drinkers.


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