Friday Linkage 12/25/2015

I know I said I would be taking a break for the holidays, but I ended up with a pretty healthy number of stories to share and waiting until the second Friday in January seemed like an eternity.

Merry Christmas to all and if non-Christian celebrations are your thing Happy Holidays. Grab one of those “war on Christmas” Starbucks cups and make a Republican mad.

On to the links…

Best Image of the Week:


Watching this arrogant bastard get perp walked is one of the most satisfying things I have seen in a long time.

Pharma Bro’s Alleged Accomplice Gets Permission For Cancun Vacation While Out On Bail—However, when you are a rich person accused of a crime you can have your lawyer argue that you should be allowed to go on vacation while awaiting arraignment. Do you think that a poor person would get this same level of treatment from the justice system?

2015 Was A Big Year For The Anti-Coal Movement—Through a variety of factors including regulatory, market, and plain old grassroots activism the use of coal as a fuel source for electricity is living on borrowed time in developed countries. Where India and some other developing countries go for electricity in the coming years is yet to be decided the fact that coal as a source is not a foregone conclusion speaks to the gains made by the “anti-coal” movement.

We Spend $775 Billion on Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies—Remember, these are subsidies going to some of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world. If we want to kick our crack habit when it comes to fossil fuels we must stop distorting the market with subsidies.

Extension of ITC Will Double Installed Capacity of Solar in US by 2020—The recent budget deal passed by Congress that extended the tax credit for wind and solar at the cost of allowing crude oil exports will be a big win for renewables in the long run. How big? Although this report says double by 2020, my guess is that such a doubling will actually happen sooner.

SolarPod Panels can be Installed on Any Roof without Drilling a Single Hole—The installation looks a little “janky” for my tastes, but there is something about cheap and easy solar PV installation that salves the soul.

How Hawaii Has Empowered Energy Storage and Forever Changed the U.S. Solar Industry—Due to high costs and an isolated energy grid, Hawaii is a laboratory for new energy production and storage paradigms that would struggle to gain a foothold in the rest of the U.S.

How San Diego Will Hold Up Its Green Transition Promise—U.S. politicians at the federal level are not moving fast enough on transitioning the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels, but state and local officials are moving forward.

Better Tech, Not More Food, Will Keep the World’s Poor Fed—If there is one comment about famine that has always stuck with me it’s that, more often than not, people starving is not a result of there being enough food to eat but rather a result of not being able to get food to the people who need it most. It is less a technical or agricultural issue as opposed to a market issue.

Colorado Pot Grows used as Much Energy as 35,000 Homes in 2014—Indoor marijuana grows are using a huge amount of power. These numbers are estimates, but given the growth the industry has seen it will probably be higher, no pun intended, in 2015.

Can Marijuana Become Pueblo’s Next Cash Crop?—Maybe the solution to pot’s energy usage problem lies in cutting out the middleman when it comes to the sun’s energy. Instead of relying on grow lights why not use the sun directly? It’s less an issue of feasibility and more an issue of regulation as most Colorado municipalities will not allow for marijuana to be grown outdoors.

Breckenridge Brewery sold to giant Anheuser-Busch’s “High End”—Most people in the craft beer industry thought it would be a while before another domino in the M&A world dropped, but the many headed monster that is AB-InBev has scooped up Breckenridge Brewery. Will Fort Collins institution New Belgium Brewery become part of a larger corporate entity after spending years telling everyone how they were different than your average brewery?


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