Friday Linkage 1/15/2016

Been up to a lot of random projects lately—some of which I will detail here when I get the chance to get my thoughts down on paper—and just trying to live life. Had someone texting on a phone run into the back of my truck, so I have been dealing with the joy that is auto body shops and insurance companies. This world can just be so maddening sometimes.

On to the links…

Michael Pollan on How America got so Screwed up About Food—The title should also read and How We Screwed Up the Rest of the World Too.

New US Diet Guidelines Say Yes to Meat, Screw the Climate—We may scoff at government guidelines, but these guidelines do serve as a basis for a lot of government programs—e.g. school lunches—that impact a lot of people. Thus, these guidelines have a lot of impact. Too bad the government missed the boat on meat.

Cattle grazing is a Climate Disaster, and You’re Paying for it—Not only is eating meat bad for our health, but the beef industrial complex is also bad for the environment. Never mind those idiots in Oregon taking over a wildlife refuge in defense of grazing rights or some such malarkey.

The Oregon Militia Is Picking the Wrong Beef With the Feds—In the grand right wing tradition, politicians and talking heads have turned people against the government when the actual problem lies in the companies supporting the right wing agenda. Make it a social issue or something about government overreach and people will ignore their economic realities.

One Of The Largest Coal Companies In The United States Just Filed For Bankruptcy—Hot on the heels of the bankruptcy filings for Patriot Coal, Walter Energy, and Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal—the second largest supplier of coal in the U.S. behind Peabody—filed for bankruptcy protection. Is this the twilight of coal in America?

US Coal Production Drops to 30-Year Low in 2015—According to the EIA, coal production in the U.S. is 10% lower than 2014 and currently at its lowest level since 1986.

This Energy Company Wants To Legally Dump Coal Ash Waste Into Virginia Rivers—This is why coal is dead.

We Don’t Need Storage Today To Integrate Renewables—A common refrain from people who want to slow the adoption of renewables is that we need energy storage to reliably integrate an increasing share of renewable energy. Given how the energy grid actually works, this might not be the case.

100% Solar Plan Offered By TXU Energy — This The Future?—I hope that 100% solar is the future. A world powered by the yellow sun? Sounds good to me.

US Utility-Solar PV Costs Plummeted 17% In Q3 2015—Here is why solar is taking off. It is getting cheaper by leaps and bounds.

U.S. Solar Created More Jobs Than Oil And Gas Extraction—Well, I guess that solar companies are the job creators that the right wing likes to crow about so much.

How A Solar Decision In Nevada Could Shape The 2016 Presidential Results—If solar energy is an issue that drive turnout then Democrats are almost sure to benefit given the hostile stance that Republicans have taken toward renewables in general.

Is the Post-Fossil Fuel Era Now Inevitable?—As the demand landscape for energy changes—think demand destruction from renewables—and the electrified transportation infrastructure develops are we reaching the tipping point with regards to our use of fossil fuels?

Almost 33% Of German Electricity Came From Renewables in 2015—What will the post fossil fuel era look like? Maybe Germany gets there before anyone else.

Brazil Doubles 2024 Solar Power Target—How about Brazil?


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