Friday Linkage 1/29/2016

Not a lot to link to this week since everyone seems focused on the upcoming Iowa caucus, the Donald Trump circus, and the Super Bowl in less than two weeks. Why is the Super Bowl on a Sunday? Wouldn’t everyone be better served if the game were on a Saturday? Wait, do not try and tell the NFL that anything they do is wrong or heavy handed. Roger Goodell is probably coming down here right now to figure out a way to suspend me for two games.

On to the links…

How Much Damage is the Porter Ranch Leak Doing to the Climate?—The methane leak near Porter Ranch is freaking disaster. It’s a large disaster for the climate. I just hope that this draws some much needed attention to the practices of oil and gas companies. Probably not.

If Exxon’s Punished for Climate Change, It’ll Be for Lying to Investors—Never mind the damage to the planet, it’s investors that we really care about. Maybe this is the modern equivalent to convicting mob bosses and drug dealers with tax evasion.

By 2030, Renewables Will Be The World’s Primary Power Source—This chart is interesting:


But how do we turn the coal line backward?

Solar Panel Costs Predicted to Fall 10% a Year—Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) are powerful functions when it comes to long term trends. The dramatic and continued drop in solar prices have led to a much more widespread adoption than was previously though possible. Extrapolating forward this means that solar could be on track for a much larger percentage of our power generation in the future than previously thought.

Living Above a Business—Mixed use is all the rage in communities of many sizes and for good reason. However, there might be some downsides to living above certain businesses. Honestly, after reading this article I could roll with living above a strip club.

Why the Calorie Is Broken—The calorie is such a major part of our health industrial complex. We obsess over the calorie. We cry over the calorie. We live and perhaps die by the calorie, but maybe everything about the calorie is flawed.


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