The Joni Ernst Watch 2/10/2016

Our long national nightmare is over. All right, it was just a local nightmare of being constantly harassed by supporters of various political candidates—yes, I am looking at you Bernie Sanders campaign canvasser who woke my son up from his nap one Sunday afternoon—across all forms of media. Nonetheless, the 2016 Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary are in the books and the results…

We now live in a world where a plurality of Republican voters chose Ted Cruz (in Iowa) and Donald Trump (in New Hampshire) to be the nominee for President of the United States. Think about those choices for a moment. Let the reality surround and marinate your brain.

Granted, even the “winner” in each of those contests did not get more than 50% of the vote so you could make the argument that the majority of Republican voters are actually sane. However, if over one third of the voters in your state think Donald Trump is the best person to be the leader of the free world perhaps sanity is not the benchmark for which we should be aiming.

Here is this real rub for Republicans facing their new Donald Trump nightmare. Iowa and New Hampshire represented the best hopes for sidelining the circus. With a big win and the contest speeding up the celebrity of one Donald Trump will count for a lot in contests where old school retail politics do not work.

As a note, I am going to stop publishing this particular weekly entry. Spending so much time ruminating on the crazy stuff that right wing politicians say is getting exhausting and dissolving what little faith I had left in humanity. I wish everyone the best of luck as the country lurches forward to the general election in a little over nine months.


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