Friday Linkage 2/12/2016

I have not been posting much and I would like to say that there is a good reason for that lack of effort. However, I can fairly easily peg it on just living life and doing things that do not really interest the larger world in general. No one needs to read reports of my ski trips with my daughter or look at high resolution images of the pizza I just ate. Actually, that about sums up the past couple of weeks…skiing and pizza.

On to the links…

How Congress And The Supreme Court Blew Up The Natural Gas ‘Bridge’ To Renewables—Demand for electricity and economic growth have been decoupled. This is a big deal in terms of macroeconomic planning because it was taken as law that the two were correlated. The future is now.

World’s First 1+GW Offshore Wind Farm Confirmed—Big wind is getting even bigger as offshore wind development takes off. Imagine these wind farms close to population centers.

Civil War on Your Rooftop—If you do not think that utilities are thinking seriously about the ways that distributed renewable generation can disrupt their business model you have not been paying attention to efforts at the state and/or local level to dampen solar PV development.

Solar Rooftops Can Save Californian Grid & Residents $1.4 Billion Annually—Here is why utilities are worried. The money you save was lining their pockets.

PV Manufacturing Capacity Expansion Announcements Top 55 GW—Here is the other reason they are worried:


This is a lot of solar manufacturing capacity coming into production.

California And Massachusetts Lead U.S. Solar Boom—Solar jobs are real and growing. People see this and are voting with their pocketbooks. Demand destruction is happening.

Solar PV Capacity In Australia Reaches 5 GW—Look at that growth curve:


Imagine something like that happening in the U.S.?

Solar PV Provides 7.8 Percent of Italy’s Electricity in 2015—I am surprised by the total. It pretty much speaks for itself.

A New, Renewable, Drop-in, Waste-based Fuel Emerges, Competitive with $30 Oil—I have heard the stories before, but if true this would represent a shift in biofuel production.

Spruce Beetles Moving into More Colorado Forests—This is what the future looks like under climate change. It’s not just our snow for skiing that is imperiled, but the entire ecosystem of the high country.

Rainforest Regrowth Boosts Carbon Capture—With so much degraded land around the planet maybe the discussion needs to move beyond conservation and into regeneration?

Is “Fragrance” Making Us Sick?—All those “mountain fresh” and “sea breeze” smells may be making us sick. Great.

Expiration Dates on Your Food Mean Nothing—Freaking marketing. Those little dates on packages are treated like gospel by so many people. How much food gets thrown away needlessly?


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