Crazy Mountain Brewery Amber Ale

Mountain Living Pale Ale from Crazy Mountain Brewery quite literally left a bad taste in my mouth. I was hesitant to crack open another can in the “pack of crazies,” but the beer was bought, paid for, and cold so onward I trudged through the world of malted barley. Next up was Crazy Mountain’s Amber Ale:

Crazy Mountain Amber

Amber ales are an odd category of beer anymore. Is it an IPA? Not really. Is it a red ale? Kind of, but not really. What is it? An amber ale, man. This style of beer, like brown ale, is relatively forgiving to brew because the lower alcohol, not to aggressive bittering, and malt body can hide flaws in brewing technique that might come out in a more boundary pushing recipe.

Amber ales are crowd pleasers. There is a reason why a lot of people’s first craft beer that they can remember is a New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire Amber Ale. Breweries like the beers too because an amber ale can move a lot of volume. The beer business, after all, is about moving volume. People, like me, may write about sour beers or barrel aged beers, but amber ales are moving volume and that is what keeps the lights on.

Crazy Mountain Amber Ale is not a big beer in any way shape or form. Coming in at 5.25% ABV and 25 IBU this could be your easy drinking first cousin. Here is the problem: the beer is eminently forgettable. It’s probably keeping the lights on for Crazy Mountain, but when was the last time you really thought about who pumped the electricity through your wires:

Purchased One Mug Rating

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