Friday Linkage 2/19/2016

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the court’s most ardent proponent of the concept of “original intent” when it comes to the Constitution, and Republicans, who hold the Constitution out like Van Helsing using a cross to keep Dracula at bay, seem to forget how to read. The Constitution does not make any mention of when in a president’s term it is acceptable to nominate a replacement for the Supreme Court. The president is the president until someone else takes the oath of office. Simple.

If you did not think that the election in 2012 was important, which put President Obama in the position to nominate someone to replace Scalia, or that the election coming up in November is going to be important, because that person will be guaranteed to replace Scalia and possibly other justices, than you are dense. Or a Trump supporter.

On to the links…

Renewables = 16% of US Electricity in November 2015—Wow. I did not think these numbers were possible. Now this is interesting because it actually measures production—as opposed to capacity—which takes into account that certain generation types may not be fully utilized like natural gas or coal.

Renewables = 69% of New US Electricity Capacity in 2015—Coal plants are being cancelled, shut down, or replaced with natural gas. The remainder of additional generation capacity is being filled with renewables. Have we reached the renewable energy tipping point?

Is This The Best Solar Chart Yet?—If it is not than it is pretty damn close:


In Exchange For Cutting Benefits, This Bankrupt Coal Company Agreed To Pay Executives Millions—As the coal industry slowly die and politicians scream about a war on coal, the real war on coal is being waged by its own executives. Just as the companies shuffle into bankruptcy, thus destabilizing communities dependent on these jobs, coal company executives are lining their own pockets.

Is Urban Farming only for Rich Hipsters?—I get the appeal of urban farming. I just do not get why people do not focus on making truly diversified farming a reality outside of urban farms.

The Horrible Chemicals That Make Your Winter Gear Waterproof—Modern waterproof clothes for the outdoors are amazing. Too bad these properties come with a horrible cost.


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