Friday Linkage 2/26/2016

What the hell kind of country do I live in anymore? Donald Trump has won three early primary/caucus states in his bid to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States. Ted Cruz, one of the most despised people in the United States, is running a strong second or third depending on how you like to do your math. And Marco Rubio is losing every contest yet claiming he is the winner every time. What’s next? A socialist running for president? Oh wait…

On to the links…

Sea Levels Rising at Fastest Rate in 2,800 Years due to Global Warming—If you thought Donald Trump’s popularity was a bad sign there is this little nugget.

US Solar PV Industry Installs Record 7.3 GW In 2015—Just look at that chart:


Big-Box Stores Are One of Solar’s Largest Untapped Resources—If you have ever flown over or seen an aerial shot of a shopping center you know about the acres of open roof space. Now think about all the distribution centers and office buildings. Now think about parking lots. Without having to put a single solar panel on a residential roof there is nearly unlimited potential sites for solar systems.

Guess What Disney’s new Solar Farm Looks Like?—Even Walt Disney World is getting in on the solar game:


King Coal and the Irony of the Endgame—Coal may be dead, it’s just taking a long time for that huge dinosaur to roll over. The irony of this is that in their drive to use fewer workers the coal industry may have created the genesis of its own destruction as it was no longer political suicide to go against coal.

Peak Oil Returns: Why Demand Will Likely Peak By 2030—There have always been two “peak oil” moments: peak production and peak demand. The peak production moment seems to have been delayed due to the emergence of unconventional sources of oil and gas. Peak demand appears to be coming sooner than expected due to societal changes.

Putting Corn in Your Car Isn’t as Crazy as it Sounds—I have always been an ethanol fan. Most people who know me do not understand why, but I have always felt that there was a place in our fuel system for ethanol. My great hope was that we would be driving on second generation or cellulosic ethanol by now, but maybe the corn derived stuff is not as bad as people have been trying to make us believe.

Solar cars might be impressive. But vegan diets are better for the planet—You can “drive on sunshine,” but if you want to truly help the planet you need to make your diet as plant based as possible. An egg or slice of cheese is not going to kill the planet, but our collective obsession with huge amounts of meat and dairy just might.

The Eco Guide to Cleaner Cotton—The production of traditional cotton is a nasty business. It uses 7% of all pesticides and 16% of all insecticides. It does not have to be this way.

Marie Kondo Tells us to Ditch Joyless Items but Where are We Sending Them?—Goodwill or the Salvation Army are not some kind of magic black hole where our goods are magically taken care of in a sustainable or ethical way.

Putting Wal-Mart’s Numbers in Perspective—We bash Wal-Mart a lot and for good reason. Sometimes, it is useful to remember just how huge the corporation actually is.


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