20 down…2,280 to go…

Today marks the first ride of the 2016 season. March 8th…60 degrees…global warming?

It was really a shakeout ride for my new 1×10 drivetrain that I have cobbled together from a mix of SRAM GX components and other bits. More on that whole process tomorrow when I get a moment to collect my thoughts about things. The initial report is that the whole setup works well. However, I realized just how fried my bottom bracket is now that the rest of the drivetrain is so dialed in. Oh well.

It was glorious today.

The temperature was just about perfect, the sun kept trying to peak out from behind early spring clouds, and there was almost no one else on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. It was the kind of early season day that made you just want to crank out a few more miles before heading back into work.

It was freaking brutal today.

There is a reason why the state of Iowa gets over 30% of its electricity from wind power. It is windy here. With no foliage to even attempt to break the wind in any appreciably way I was at the mercy of a good twenty mile an hour headwind for almost all of my 10 mile trip back home. You realize how many muscles are different from skiing and rowing when you are struggling through the last three miles into the teeth of a merciless headwind.

Regardless, the season is officially on. This year I am aiming for more than 2,300 miles which is a sizeable increase over last year’s goal of 2,000 miles. Considering I lost the latter part of the season to a number of factors and still got past my goal 2,300 miles seems like a reasonable milestone.

Now, where did I put my bottom bracket tools?


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