Friday Linkage 3/11/2016

Does the forthcoming presidential election portend good things—a Democrat wins the White House and capture the Senate—or do dark clouds form on the horizon—Donald Trump or Ted Cruz win the White House. Shudder to think about President of the United States Ted Cruz.

Note: There will be no Friday Linkage published next week since I will be on travel.

On to the links…

The Constitutional Right to a Healthier Climate—Life, liberty, and a healthy climate? Interesting concept.

More Than Half Of Ted Cruz’s Super PAC Money Comes From Fossil Fuel Sources—If you want to know what a Ted Cruz presidency would look like, take a look at where his money comes from.

US Solar Market Set To Grow 119% In 2016—Find me another market with a growth rate like that for 2016.

Shale, Renewables, and the New Energy Paradigm—Renewables are gaining share in the energy market, but the explosion of gas supply from shale fields has shifted a lot of assumptions for the market going forward.

Las Vegas Casinos Seek to Power their Bright Lights with Renewable Energy—If a casino and convention center can be covered in solar panels what about all the light industrial and distribution buildings across America? I always think about this when landing at LAX and seeing block after block of bare warehouse roofs.

Denmark, The Little Country With Big Renewable Energy Goals—Damn you Denmark! Every time I think the U.S. is making some real progress we get embarrassed by the little country that could.

Monarch Butterfly Population Soars, Thanks To Conservation Efforts—Here is a success story. People recognized that monarch butterfly populations were in decline because of the systematic destruction of milkweed. People took steps to rectify this and the species benefits.

Food Companies Distort Nutrition Science. Here’s How to Stop Them.—Do you want to know why Cheerios are said to help with your cholesterol? Because General Mills probably funded a study that looked for specific evidence.

How Couponing and Deal Hunting Actually Make You Spend More Money—Here’s the deal, if a coupon makes you buy something you had no intention of buying then it has changed your behavior in a way that did not cause you to save money. You spent money you were not going to spend before.


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