Friday Linkage 3/25/2016

Every time you think that the world could not get any crazier, just take a trip where you disconnect from news for a week and marvel at what you find when you come back. Marco Rubio out after “winning” second and third place in most primaries. Donald Trump still…well, being Donald Trump. Ted Cruz, the new pick of establishment Republicans, is still repulsive to most actual human beings.

The best thing that I saw over the course of my week was on the island of Roatan. On the front of a house near West Bay there was a large Bernie Sanders sign. Even people on Roatan are feeling the Bern.

On to the links…

Thanks To Flint, Republicans Love EPA Rules All Of A Sudden—Suddenly, the EPA does not do enough to regulate our lives because no talent ass clowns like Republican Jason Chaffetz need to make some noise to raise money and look like the biggest loudmouth in the room. Which is a hard thing to do with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump running for president.

The World’s Carbon-Dioxide Emissions have Stabilised—Take this with a grain of salt because reliable and accurate numbers out of China are not a given. However, maybe there is a little sliver of optimism.

Making Sense of China’s Drop in Coal Use—To understand global carbon emissions you need to understand China’s coal use. Too bad such knowledge is hidden behind the opaque Chinese government reporting standards.

The US Now Uses Less Water than it did in 1970—Some of this is because industrial production has moved offshore or become more efficient, but the moral of the story is that we are not quite as profligate users of water as we once were.

GE Is Building America’s First Offshore Wind Farm—Offshore wind has had a tumultuous history in the United States, but it looks like one of the biggest industrial companies in the world is going to get the industry started. The wind turbines that GE is using for this project are freaking huge! Or is it “yuge” now?

Texas Grid Expects 2 GW of New Solar in 2016—2GW is a yuge number. Why can’t we see these kinds of numbers in Arizona and New Mexico?

China Plans to Meet 2020 Emissions Goal by Tripling Solar Power Capacity—If emissions reduction is the question, solar is usually the answer.

To Thrive, Microgrids Must Help the Macrogrid—Microgrids, self-contained energy distribution networks, have the opportunity to increase the resiliency of the larger grid if incorporated correctly.

The Most Important Light Bulb Deal in the World—LEDs are now the default bulb choice. The payback period for a homeowner replacing all bulbs with LEDs is, on average, less than one year. Why were Republicans angry about legislation to improve lighting efficiency?

8 Genius Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds—Spent coffee grounds are the gift that keeps on giving around the house. I use mine to fertilize tomatoes and blueberries, which tend to like acidic soil.

The Accidental Utility Cyclist—When does our bike cease to be the vehicle for our adventures? Or our freedom? For some of us this is never the case.

Small and Independent Brewers Continued to Grow Double Digits in 2015—If you wonder how so many breweries can open—over 4,000 in the U.S. at last count—it’s because people are clamoring for the beer. Double digit growth is a big deal.


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