Friday Linkage 4/1/2016

My daughter moved up to an adult sized bike this spring. If nothing else had made me realize how big she has gotten this did it. For the first time she is riding a bike with which I can share tubes and other components. Damn.

On to the links…

NREL Raises Rooftop Photovoltaic Technical Potential Estimate—Rooftop solar could generate nearly 40% of the nation’s electricity. ‘Nuff said.

$4.2 Trillion Saved By Doubling Renewable Energy By 2030, IRENA Reports—Here is the opportunity that renewable energy is presenting the global economy. Never mind the benefit of reducing emissions, etc.

5 Maps that Show Where the Action is on Solar Policy—Policy, not price, is going to be the major driver in the adoption of renewables over the course of the next decade or so. In states where policies are favorable to solar the technology will penetrate deeply. Likewise, in states where the policy is hostile…well, you get Nevada.

2016 Solar Securitization Deals Already Eclipse 2015 Deals—Securitization is one of those boring but important topics when it comes to renewable energy development. By creating securities from a portfolio of renewable projects financing opportunities open up.

Rapid Decline of Coal use Leads to Drop in UK Emissions—Perhaps no country had a more entangled relationship with coal as the United Kingdom. It was one of the engines of the Industrial Revolution and the pollution from coal came to define cities like London for generations. Now, it appears as if coal has let loose its death rattle in the United Kingdom.

China to Halt Construction on Coal-Fired Power Plants in 15 Regions—Start playing the funeral dirge for King Coal.

This Program Will Make Cutting Carbon Emissions Lucrative For Farmers—Agriculture is a huge source of emissions, particularly methane. Making farmers a partner and offering economic incentives to change practices in a positive way with regard to emissions reduction is a huge opportunity to make hay. Pun intended.

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula Loses 2 Dams and Gains a Wild River – Plus a New Beach—There are literally thousands of outdated dams like these on the Klamath River that could be removed in an effort to revitalize riverine ecosystems.

Organize Cables with a Zip Tie Weave—Almost everyone has a rats nest of cables somewhere in their home. While I won’t be replacing the spark plug wires in my truck anytime soon, I might use this trick in the room where we have a laptop, lamp, printer, and router all plugged in.


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