Indeed Brewing Stir Crazy Winter Ale

What happens when a beer goes all kinds of wrong? In my opinion, you end up with Indeed Brewing’s Stir Crazy Winter Ale:

Stir Crazy.png

Brewed as a seasonal “winter warmer” Stir Crazy is meant to be a comforting beer for those cold winter nights for which Minnesota is quite infamous. Trust me, I spent a good chunk of time living in southeastern Minnesota and Minneapolis. The stories about the cold are true. There is a reason everyone spends May through September outside as much as possible…they know that winter is coming.

In an effort to make something that is like a baked good in a can Indeed Brewing made Stir Crazy with cocao nibs, vanilla, raisins and brown sugar as flavorings. It’s one thing to pick an adjunct or flavoring and make it a complement to everything else in the beer. It’s another thing entirely to go whole hog and put a Starbucks baked good case in a can. This is like a Jones Soda stuffing Thanksgiving dinner in a bottle.

This beer is completely off the rails from the moment that you crack open the can. Every aroma screams grandma’s baking some cookies for the grandkids instead of I am about to drink a beer on a cool evening. Plus, the flavors of the raisin just sticks in the mouth in an odd way. Have you ever eaten mass produced oatmeal raisin cookies where the flavors are just over the top because of some additional “natural flavors?” This is what the raisin flavor is like in Stir Crazy.

Sometimes, the beers you try just do not scratch any kind of itch:

Zero Mug Purchase

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