Friday Linkage 4/15/2016

Tax day…oh wait, that is April 18th this year. Whew! Now we have three extra days to file out taxes in order to fund Republicans desire to shut down the federal government.

On to the links…

World’s Largest Coal Producer Files for Bankruptcy Protection—This is the end. Bankruptcy does not mean that something goes away, otherwise we would not have Donald Trump in 2016. It does mean that Peabody is going to have to find some way to satisfy its creditors—not likely—and find additional sources of capital—not likely.

California has too Much Solar Power. It Needs Another Grid to Share With.—At times, California has too much solar power. Okay, that seems like a good problem to have. However, the issue is that California cannot share that power with other grids. The fact that our national power grid is actually a Balkanized set of regional grids is asinine.

Dangerous Work for “Crap Money”: The Dark Side of Recycling—Once we put our recyclables in a bin my contention is that most people, myself included, never give a second thought to the next few steps in the lifecycle of these materials.

You Probably Have a Drawer Full of Them – Why Can’t We Crack Battery Recycling?—I have seen those supposedly recycled batteries on store shelves for a while now, but does this mean that there is a lot further to go? Yep.

Treating Soil A Little Differently Could Help It Store A Huge Amount Of Carbon—Changing agricultural practices at the ground level, quite literally, or just below ground level could give us a huge leg up in trying to lock carbon in the ground.

We’ve Changed a Life-Giving Nutrient into a Deadly Pollutant. How Can We Change it Back?—Here is the problem: We use nitrogen fertilizer willy nilly.

Here’s How Many Resources We Burn on Food No One Eats—Food waste is a major problem and it is also a huge opportunity.

Costco Is Selling So Much Organic Produce, Farmers Can’t Keep Up—This is a good thing right?

Craft Beer Industry Could be Caught on the Hops as Shortage Looms—Awesome, now my IPA is going to cost more.

No More Hippies and Explorers: A Lament for the Changed World of Cycling—I think this sentiment is what has led to the explosion of gravel cycling. It’s not about color coordinated kits or Strava records, but about getting out into the world and exploring. It’s amazing how many cool places you can find a short ride from your home that are down a little used gravel road.


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