Friday Linkage 4/22/2016

Damn, Prince died.  I was not a huge fan of his music while going to college in Minnesota but the man tended to permeate almost every musical discussion in the Twin Cities in the 1990s.  With good reason considering how much of a craftsman he was with regards to lyrics and instrumentation.  It was even more amazing how he managed to push boundaries without losing a lot of his appeal to the mainstream.

On to the links…

Buffett Stakes $3.6 Billion On Massive Wind XI Project In Iowa—That is right, Iowa is on pace to make more than 40% of its electricity from the wind.

Fuel, Not Food Crop will Help University of Iowa Meet a Goal—Fields of miscanthus are going to be grown to be burnt as fuel in an on campus power plant.  By 2020 this project could help the University of Iowa produce 40% of its power from renewable sources.  Notice a trend here?

Cedar Rapids Bus Barn Getting Solar Panels—How about solar one ups the others for a moment here in Iowa.  A public works facility in Cedar Rapids will generate 60% of its electricity through solar panels on the roof.  No additional land is being used, just the roof.

How Cheap Does Solar Power Need to get Before it Takes Over the World?—The most interesting part of this article is that as solar power becomes more broadly adopted, it actually lowers the value of each watt of electricity produced which puts further downward pricing pressure on solar projects.

Coal Is Officially a Zombie Industry—It is over with and coal is a zombie.  The problem with zombies is that they just keep going on and on.

Why World Leaders Are Terrified of Water Shortages—If you thought the Water Knife was a work of science fiction you might be surprised to learn that it really reads like an instructional manual for world leaders.

Sarah Palin: “Bill Nye Is as Much a Scientist as I Am”—Bill Nye is actually the “science guy” and he is freaking awesome.  Sarah Palin is the person who could have been vice president yet ended up quitting her job as governor of Alaska halfway through her term to cash in on her D-list celebrity status via reality television.

This Study 40 Years Ago could have Reshaped the American diet. But it was Never Fully Published.—So, 40 years of dietary wisdom needs to get thrown out the window because it is basically false.  Awesome.  No wonder that, as a collective, we are fat and miserable.

Biodiversity Loss: An Existential Risk Comparable to Climate Change—Ok, so climate change and nuclear weapons dominate the minds of people who consider the ways the human species will end.  But the loss of biodiversity has to be part of the equation.  And zombies.  You cannot forget about zombies.

The Netherlands Could Soon Ban The Sale Of Non-Electric Cars—Leave it to the Netherlands to bring some serious internal combustion hate.  Why anyone would even own a car, EV or otherwise, in the Netherlands boggles my mind.

Are Hazy, New England-Style IPAs a Controversial New Colorado Beer Trend?—You are that guy if you argue about a beer being called an IPA versus something else based on the haze.  Drink it and be happy.

Marijuana Legalization Opponents are Making Drug Policy Worse by Refusing to Admit Defeat—Is our long national nightmare that is the “War on Drugs” almost over?  Not if the rear guard action by those who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo have their way.

Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? This Scientist Thinks So.—This is one of the best headlines I have seen in the last year.  This author’s book could suck and I would still call it a tour de force for the title alone.


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