Friday Linkage 4/29/2016

A little light on the links this week because nothing was really hitting the spot.  A lot of ink was spilled on the thirtieth anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.  It is hard to believe that it has been thirty years.  When I was a kid—during the Cold War—Chernobyl was the by-word for every disaster be it in the kitchen or on the battlefield.

On to the links…

Did The Paris Climate Accord Start A Low-Carbon Landslide?—Have we reached a “low carbon tipping point” where fossil fuels are increasingly at a disadvantage because of a number of forces?  One only has to look at the dramatic fall of the coal mining industry to begin to think that such a tipping point has been reached.

Newly Released Data Indicates Ivanpah Gas is Under 5%–The concentrated solar facility known as Ivanpah has received a lot of negative press, but this new data release shows that the project is hitting its goals relative to natural gas usage when stored solar heat is not enough.

Exxon Mobil Loses Top Credit Rating It Held Since Depression—Exxon Mobil used to be more credit worthy than most countries and was seen by a lot of folks to actually act more like a sovereign nation, particularly in foreign affairs, than a corporation.  Now market forces are working against the fossil fuels giant.

Barnett Shale Rig Count Hits a New Low: Zero—From a fracking boom to a fracking bust.  I do not mean fracking in the Battlestar Galactica sense either.

Two German States Have Already Hit 100% Renewable Electricity—This is a net number, so at certain times the state may import electricity or export electricity, but it is impressive nonetheless.


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