Half Acre Beer Company Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

Chicago was a little slow to get on the craft beer bandwagon in the late-1990s and early-2000s.  Stalwart Goose Island, now a member of the behemoth AB InBev We Own Everything, was about the only game in town until mid-2000s.  Half Acre Beer Company, founded in 2007, was part of a wave of next generation Chicago breweries producing great craft beer in a city long associated with Old Style and Malort.

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale is one of Half Acre’s year round offerings:

Daisy Cutter.png

This beer is what I want a pale ale to be and I think it perfectly represents the Chicago brewing ethos of giving zero f*cks.  It is dank.  How dank?  It’s like the snowboarders on the shuttle bus to the base of Peak 8 on a mid-week powder morning in Breckenridge.  What hops does it use to bring forth this piney, resinous awakening?  No idea and the brewers are not spending an extra minute trying to explain it to you because they are busy mashing and lautering.

At 5.2% ABV the alcohol stands up to the bitterness in a surprising way and it makes for a beer that you could drink from the first inning through the final few outs in the top of the ninth during a Cubs day game.  Trust me, you want to be coherent anytime Jake Arrieta takes the mound for the North Side because it could be history.

About the only thing bad that I have to say about the beer is that its name does me no favors in terms of word association.  For many people “daisy cutter” means something very different from meadow flowers.

Okay, the only downside I see to this beer is that it does not bring anything truly new to the table.  That speaks volumes to the direction of craft beer in America, but it also speaks volumes about the skill of the brewers at Half Acre.  I am left trying to figure out how the beer compares to other really good and great beers rather than figuring out where the beer itself went wrong.  It is a good time to be drinking beer in America and you can do no wrong by picking up a pint of Daisy Cutter Pale Ale:

Purchase 3 Mug Rating

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