Friday Linkage 5/13/2016

We live in a world where this man is running to be President of the United States:


On to the links…

This is the scariest visualization I have ever seen with regard to climate change:


Carbon Dioxide Emissions from US Energy Sector Fall 12% Since 2005—The bulk of this is due to natural gas replacing coal, but the trend is at least something to latch onto as a positive thing.  If we can just keep retiring coal plants.

Dynegy’s Retirement of Coal Units Marks 100 GW of US Coal Shuttered Since 2010—This is why coal is dying.  As fewer plants burn coal there is less demand for coal to be mined which increases the cost of capital for coal mines to operate because banks see this as an increasingly risky industry.  As capital costs increase operational flexibility decrease and so on and so forth.

Oil Companies Abandon Arctic Drilling Rights—With these oil rights being abandoned we need to demand that these drilling rights stay unclaimed forever.

Disrupting Solar—Solar is about demand destruction and the fossil fuel industry knows it.  Already, renewables and regulation have started strangulating coal to the point where the largest coal companies in the world are declaring bankruptcy.  Solar is coming for the rest.

Why Used Electric Car Batteries Could Be Crucial To A Clean Energy Future—What happens when EV batteries find a second life as stationary power storage units?  The storage of distributed power just got a whole lot cheaper.

Well to Wheels, Most EVs are 61% Cleaner than Gas in Minnesota—Imagine if the EV were powered by electricity from MidAmerican Energy in Iowa where soon over 80% of the electricity will be generated by wind?

The 4th Largest Economy In The World Just Generated 90 Percent Of The Power It Needs From Renewables—Granted, it was a Sunday and the weather was right.  However, for a period of time Germany was powered almost exclusively by renewables.

This Is What Would Happen If the Rest of the World Ate the Way America Does—The rest of the world cannot eat the way we do because everyone would be fat, have diabetes, and the world would run out of resources.  What if Americans ate the way the rest of the world does?  That is a better question to ask.

Big Meat: At War with Consumers—Big Meat is producing a product that is not good for us in terms of health and it is not good for us in terms of how it is produced.  If you do nothing else, boycotting meat produced by so-called Big Meat would be the single biggest contribution you could make to the health and well-being of this planet.

Genetic Analysis of 250 Burgers Reveals Some Unsavory Surprises—The presence of odd meat is one thing, but black bean burgers that do not actually contain any black beans is really weird.

Japan Now has More Electric Car Charge Points than Petrol Stations—A big deal is made about many of these charge points belonging to private owners, but don’t a lot of us also have the ability to have a charge point in our homes where our cars sit for hours a day unused?

It’s a 2-Acre Farm, Packed into a Shipping Container that Doubles as a Farm Building—Why isn’t USAID buying these up by the cargo ship load and distributing them to countries in need of rural development?

This is an Incredible Visualization of the World’s Shipping Routes—Want to know how globalized the world has become with regard to trade?  Check out this map of shipping routes:


The Phononic Solid State Heating and Cooling Revolution is Almost Here—Our homes are generally heated and cooled in a way that would be familiar to Romans.  Don’t believe me?  There is a great little exhibit showing the remains of a Roman settlement in Paris that explains how they routed warm air through channels beneath buildings for heat.  Why haven’t we figured a way past this method?


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