Stuff I Like: Pacha Soap Dirty Hippie

I have a friend.  She has a particular sensitivity to a particular odor.  For some reason, perhaps childhood trauma, she cannot stand to be in the presence of patchouli.  Maybe a Volvo 240D wagon almost ran her over in middle school or something.  I do not know.  If she smells anything that contains even a trace of patchouli she will scowl and cry, “Hippie stench!”

Unfortunately for my friend, my new “go to” bar soap is Pacha Soap’s Dirty Hippie:


Some people can just use any old bar soap, but not me.  I am a soap snob.  A bar of Ivory just does not cut it.  I love wandering the soap bins at Lush and smelling soaps that almost want to be eaten the aromas are so powerful.  I love the smell of a particularly fragrant soap when it fills the shower after a workout.  It’s my thing.

Pacha Soap’s Dirty Hippie bar soap has the right amount of funky earth aroma—yes, to some people it would be considered hippie stench—and some exfoliation without feeling like 60 grit sandpaper running over your skin.

Maybe it is time that we embraced the term dirty hippie.  Is there anything wrong with playing or working in the dirt?  In this age of local, organic farming and kids suffering from nature deficit disorder the world could probably use a few more dirty hippies running around.

Pacha Soap runs a business model similar to Tom’s Shoes where buying a bar of soap is matched by the donation of a bar of soap to a community in need.  Soap may not seem like a big deal, but simple hygiene can make a huge difference in terms of public health.  The program is entitled “Raise the Bar” and beyond giving soap away it is creating jobs in African countries by involving local communities in the production of soap.  That whole give a man a fish, feed him for a day but teach a man to fish…you get the idea.  Like the slogan on the shirt says, “Dirty Hippie, Clean Purpose.”

About the only downside to Pacha Soap that comes to mind is that they use palm oil in the soap.  Sure, it’s Rainforest Alliance certified and organic but palm oil is a major driver of deforestation across the globe.  Over time I am hoping that the company goes palm oil free like some other soap brands have done recently.

NOTE: Pacha Soap paid me nothing nor did the company provide me with any soap.  I bought this product retail at New Pioneer Coop in Cedar Rapids.


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