Some Changes Afoot

You might have notices some changes lately, but judging by the attendance…sorry, a little Major League reference this baseball season never hurts.

Anyway, I have started making some “lifestyle” changes.  A while back I stopped brewing beer and cut back on my consumption of beer for a number of health reasons.  If you start thinking that you are going to get gout you will do just about anything to avoid that damnable condition.  I still sought out different beers and spent the time to shed some light on products on this blog.

Well, this summer that is all going to change.  I am going to dive head first and make beer the one product that I solely purchase from local purveyors.  Furthermore, I am only going to purchase beer for home consumption in reusable containers from local vendors.

In the past three or so years this has become possible because a number of local establishments have opened that brew excellent beer.  Within Linn County I can get beers from Lion Bridge Brewing Company, Another Road Brewing, Turner Alley Brewing Company, Iowa Brewing Company, Quarter Barrel, and chain brewery Granite City.

While there are great beers that come from all over the country I feel that my money is best spent by supporting local brewers.  Also, I am trying to commit to reducing my carbon footprint through a reduction in packaging.  Even though cans are a more environmentally friendly way to ship beer from brewery to consumer when compared with glass there is still an environmental cost to that packaging.  So, no crowlers for me even though I love the idea of a crowler.  It’s disposable and that makes it a no go this summer.

Will I still seek out new breweries and beers when I travel?  Hell yes.  I have a list of breweries in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado that I want to try in the next few months during trips.


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