Friday Linkage 5/27/2016

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  This means that the project list for the house is real and actionable.  Uh oh!

On to the links…

Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling for First Time in U.S.—This is how you build permanent political power:


5% Growth in Renewable Jobs During 2015—The growth in these types of jobs is real and it is going to change the landscape for a long time to come:


Wind Power To Supply 10% Of US Electricity By 2020—If you travel back in time to, oh say, the Bush years no one would have said that we would see this much wind power in the United States.

Oil Battles Wind on the Great Plains—What does Big Oil doe when something encroaches on its turf?  Turn on the tap of political money and push the elected officials to tilt the playing field toward oil.

Energy Storage Could Break Low Income Rooftop Solar Bottleneck—Interesting ideas.

SAE now has a Wireless Charging Standard: J2954—This comes from the department of boring but really kind of important.  Standards are what enable widespread adoption and, apparently, there is a line of thought that having to plug a vehicle in is a major impediment to EV adoption.

In Praise of the Dumb Fridge—I remember when LG put a television screen in the door of a refrigerator.  Why not?  I also remember the simple refrigerators of my youth that seemed to last forever.  Now complicated refrigerators break or malfunction at what seems like an alarming rate.

Planet Aid’s Yellow Clothing Donation Bins Are Part of a Global Cultlike Scam—We do not have the yellow bins in Cedar Rapids, but I have wondered about the green bins that seem to populate many parking lots.

McDonald’s Fish: Row Over Sustainability ‘Cover-Up’—You cannot trust major fast food chains to actually have sustainable supply chains.  The demands are too great for profit and expediency at the cost of all else.

Corporate Beer Overlords Will Soon Own 1 out of 3 Beers Made on Earth—I feel bad for Africans who will be forced to drink insipid macro swill instead of well crafted beer.

Watch the Rapid Evolution of the American Diet over 40 years—This animated gif is just amazing:

changing american diet gif.gif


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