Political Sentiments Conveyed via Bumper Stickers

Political bumper stickers fascinate me on a number of levels.

First, I live in Iowa so I am used to seeing people put stickers on their car for fringe candidates.  Trust me, I still see a few people rolling around town with stickers proclaiming their allegiance to Ben Carson.  Remember when that guy was leading the polls?

Second, I always wonder how people feel about having a bumper sticker on their car long after a candidate loses.  For years I chuckled every time I saw a McCain/Palin sticker on a car.  Remember when that woman was going to be one heartbeat away from the presidency?

Lately, I have seen some interesting stickers.  The first one comes from Cedar Rapids on my drive home this week:


It’s a little difficult to make out, but it says Reagan/Bush ’84.  Yep, this is someone who put a new sticker on a new truck that hearkens back to a campaign from 1984.  That would be 32 years ago for you kids not so good at math.  Huh?

Why not Reagan/Bush ’80?  I do not get the message being sent here with this sticker other than “we had it so much better in 1984 versus today with Donald Trump.”

The second sticker is a little easier to figure out what is being conveyed:

Bernie in Nebraska.png

Yes, it is a Bernie Sanders sticker on a Subaru.  If a shaggy dog had been in the back and a Coexist sticker on the other window this would have checked off almost every cliché.  Bernie Sanders, because fuck this shit.

Not a lot to say in response to that sentiment.


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