Friday Linkage 6/17/2016

So, the planet has crossed the 400 parts per million CO2 line for the last time in the foreseeable future.  Given how our political leaders cannot do anything about restricting the sale of weapons of war, I have little faith that we will see a solution to climate change come from politicians.  Remember, one of the major parties in the United States chose Donald Trump to be their standard bearer.


On to the links…

Sleeping Giant Could Soon Come to Cedar Rapids—I so want this bridge in Cedar Rapids.  Like yesterday:


New US Solar Accounts For 64% Of New Electric Generating Capacity—Solar power is real and it is destroying demand for fossil fuels:


Energy Transitions are Usually Slow. Here’s Why the Clean Energy Transition Might be Faster.—Energy generation and transmission is one of the most archaic industries around.  The data regimes used by most power companies date to the mid-1950s and the business model does not necessarily promote innovation or efficiency.

Coal-Killing Perovskite Solar Cell Beats 20% Efficiency Mark, Aims For 30%–Here is where coal finally loses all relevance.  When solar cells increase the efficiency of conversion then there will be no reason, economic or otherwise, why we dig up dead dinosaurs to power our lights.

Quarterly Coal Production Lowest Since the Early 1980s—Here is a trend that is worth accelerating:


Are We Reaching Peak Fossil Fuel for Power Generation?—God, I hope so.

These Solar Canopies Help Panels Fit Onto Tiny Urban Roofs—I never really thought about the problems of putting solar panels on roofs in cities where there are rules about clearances, etc.  Interesting solution.

The First Step to Community Solar for All—It probably sounds like socialism to someone who spends their day with their television tuned to Fox News, but community solar is happening.  In eastern Iowa a project sold out in hours of being announced.

One Solar Energy Chart Puts The USA In Its Place—No matter how good we think things are going for solar in the United States, we suck balls compared to a lot of other countries:


U.S. Offshore Wind: Mid-Year Update—Offshore wind, like cold fusion, seems like the energy source that is always just a few years away from its breakthrough moment.

The Climate Fight will be Won or Lost in India, in 8 Charts—Often we spend a lot of time fixating on China, but India may hold the keys to our future on a planet with stable climate.  Or, we are cooked.

The ‘Insane’ Way This Wasteland Transformed Into A Lush, Thriving Farm—If we are going to continue to live on a “nice” planet then human beings are going to have to get into the act of restoring what we have destroyed.  It is not rocket science, but it takes commitment and hard work.  Two things which are sorely lacking in our modern society.


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