Taking Stock of Goals – First Day of Summer Edition

The longest day of the year has come and gone.  It seemed like an appropriate time to take stock of my goals for the warm weather months now that we are officially in summer here in the northern hemisphere.

My stated goals way back in April are available here.

How am I stacking up right now:

  • 2,500 miles on my bike – Currently at ~806 miles or 32% of the way to the goal. I was really racking up the miles for a few weeks but work and life has really cut into the ability to get away for 90 minutes or more.  On the flip side I have been spending a lot of time doing HIT workouts.  With a less constrained schedule the next couple of weeks I should be over 1,000 miles by the July 4th
  • 2 sets of 25 kettlebell swings and squats with a 45 pound kettlebell – Currently doing 2 sets of 25 swings and squats with a 25 pound kettlebell, but I am ready to move up to a 35 pound kettlebell in the next week or so. I will reduce the reps for a period of time.
  • 2 sets of 15 bicep curl, overhead press, and triceps extension with two 45 pound dumbbells – Currently doing 2 sets of 8 reps with two 35 pound dumbbells. For whatever reason it seems like I am not really getting stronger when it comes to these exercises.  It is like I have really hit a wall when it comes to progress.
  • 4 sets of 15 ab rollouts – Done!
  • 5 1,000 meter rows at a sub-2:01 500 meter split – I have been dogging it on my rows with 500 meter splits in the mid-2:03 range. On the plus side, I am going to add a sixth 1,000 meter row to the end of my workout to increase the aerobic activity.

This seems like good progress with ~6 months left until ski season really picks up.


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