Down and Dirty Bike Rack

If you own a pickup truck you will be quite familiar with the world of accessories designed for these all-purpose utility vehicles.  You will also be familiar with how expensive accessories have become for pickup trucks, which is to be expected when you can easily order a pickup truck from the factory with a price tag north of $50,000.  Who in their right mind would consider a pickup truck with leather and a sunroof?  Just saying.

Spending north of $300 on a bike rack seemed a little crazy.  So, like any self-respecting suburban male with a garage full of tools, a stack of miscellaneous wood lying about, and an Amazon Prime account I got to work on a homebrewed solution.

From the aforementioned Amazon I ordered three quick release block fork mounts.  Total cost at the time was ~$35.  Now, I did not need to worry about thru axles or anything more exotic than a standard 9MM quick release skewer.  Your experience may vary and so may mine when I build up my next gravel grinder.

Next, I cut a piece of wood from a 2×4 to fit across the bed of my pickup truck after the wheel wells.  With the block fork mounts closer to the tailgate I can just roll a bike toward the cab and secure the fork without having to actually get into the truck.  The block fork mounts took all of five minutes to install with three captive washer wood screws each.

The results speak for themselves:


Three bikes with full size wheels (26” in the case of my wife’s bike and 700C for my daughter and I) and quick releases fit easily.  As you can tell by the image I offset the middle fork mount block to make room for my son’s bike, which does not have a quick release for the front wheel and thus stays assembled on trips to the trailhead.

All in all, minus my time and materials I already had lying about the garage, I was into this for the ~$35 I spend on block fork mounts and about twenty minutes of total working time.


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