Friday Linkage 7/1/2016

I would ask where June went, but I spent a good chunk of it on my bike trying to rack up the miles.  A string of all-day work events and an ill-timed rain storm on the 30th prevented me from crossing over 1,000 miles before the beginning of July but I am feeling good about my goals as the height of summer is upon us.

On to the links…

Just Five Common Foods Produce More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Nearly All Countries—If we fail to address the impact of agriculture on climate change we will fail regardless of whatever else we achieve.

Solar Power Could Account For 13% Of World Electricity Generation By 2030—What does a world look like where 13% of electricity is generated via solar?  Trust me, coal companies do not want to find out.

Solar In Australia Saving $1 Billion Per Year—Australia is a sub burnt country and I will never understand the appeal of vegemite, but solar is saving them serious coin.

Here Comes the Sun: US Solar Power Market Hits All-Time High—All the momentum with regard to solar power seems like a self-catalyzing function where today’s solar install leads to several more in the future and each new install breeds more.

UK Burns No Coal for First Time since 1882—All right, that Brexit vote did not go the way that most people were thinking.  But, at least the U.K. is also getting off the coal train.

How the London Array Blows Away the Competition in Green Energy—Maybe the future is in offshore wind.

Super Lightweight Solar Panels for Flat Roofs Install in Under Two Minutes—I always wonder why so many industrial roofs in the U.S. do not have any solar panels on them.  Maybe it is not for a lack of desire, but rather a lack of the building’s ability to handle to the load.

How Canada Went Geothermal, and How the US Will, Too—Geothermal is the odd man out when it comes to discussions about renewable energy.  I think that is because the physical plant looks so much like a coal or natural gas plant that we assume geothermal is like those dinosaurs.  Instead, it is base load reliable renewable energy.

Meet the New Advocates for the West—I remember someone telling me that environmentalists would finally be able to beat old school extractive industries in the West because someone was able to put a large dollar figure on the value of recreation.  Maybe outdoor recreation is the gateway drug, so to speak, to advocacy.


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