Friday Linkage 7/29/2016

I think we have entered the Twilight Zone.  For real.  We now have a major party candidate running for president of the United States of America who is actively advocating for a foreign nation to hack into his opponent’s email server.  The same candidate, amazingly, can take multiple sides of the same issue in a single statement and not see a problem with the statement.  At what point do we wake up from this national nightmare and return to some semblance of reality?

On to the links…

Alliant Energy to Invest $1 Billion in Iowa Wind Energy—This announcement comes on the heels of the announcement by MidAmerican Energy to invest more than $2 billion in the near future.  Currently, Iowa is estimated to have 6,300 megawatts of wind power installed.  These two projects could account for an additional 2,500 megawatts of wind or ~39% more.

The Link Between Armed Conflict And Climate Change Just Got A Bit Stronger—As the climate warms and weather gets weird around the planet we must be prepared for a future where armed conflict is more common and driven by these changes in our planet.  It’s a scary future.  Almost scarier than President Donald J. Trump.

Carbon Pricing: A Practical Pro-Growth Solution to Climate Change—Here is the deal: a carbon price or carbon tax, simple in its execution, would spur the market to discover and implement that most cost effective climate solutions.  Too bad Republicans are blinded by Grover Norquist’s pledge.

India Sanctions Plans for 10 ‘Solar Zones’ of at Least 10,000 Hectares Each—India is going all in on solar.

Chernobyl’s Atomic Wasteland May Be Reborn With Solar Energy—Is the exclusion zone surrounding Chernobyl the ultimate brown field development site for solar?

Record 46% of UK’s Electricity Generated by Clean Energy Sources in 2015-Granted, this includes nuclear, but almost one quarter of the UK’s electricity came from what we would call traditional renewables.

China’s Coal Peak Hailed as Turning Point in Climate Change Battle—If this holds true, fingers cross that China’s official statistics are not crap, then it is a very big deal.  China was seen as one of the drivers of global coal consumption, India being the other, but its potential peak in demand changes the equation dramatically.

The First Electric Big Rig Is A 26-Ton Hauler From Mercedes With Zero Emissions—Tesla may get all the publicity, but Mercedes Benz is an established player when it comes to large commercial trucks so its development of an EV big rig is a potential game changer.

Electric Vehicle Sales For All 50 US States Now Available—Zero emissions vehicles may be the future, but looking at these sales charts show that there is a long way to go.

In Phoenix, an Ambitious Plan Aims to Cover 25% of the Metropolis with Tree Shade—Phoenix is in many ways the worst.   A city in the desert should embrace the desert, but Phoenix has tried to emulate the eastern cities from where its residents originated with some minor modifications like palm trees.  Times they are a changing for the blob that ate central Arizona.

Scientists Capture Rare Images of Wolverine in Sierra Nevada—Wolverines are just an interesting animal.  Just as long as it is not these wolverines:



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