Friday Linkage 8/12/2016

I am going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks.  A combination vacation, digital detox, and a separation from work.  It is amazing how wrapped up you can become in work that you forget to take a moment and breathe.  I need to breathe.

On to the links…

Obama has Done More to Save Energy than any Other President—As we look forward to Obama’s replacement or, as the case may be, shudder in sheer terror at the prospect of President Donald J. Trump it is interesting to reflect back on some of the progress that we have made under the current administration.  Remember, any progress made to date could be undone by a short fingered vulgarian with a hair trigger temper and orange hair.

If the US Took its Climate Goals Seriously, Coal Beneath Federal Land would Stay There—There is no single issue that I believe the next president will have more power to impact than keeping fossil fuels like coal and natural gas in the ground when it comes to federal lands.

5 Trends That Will Shape the Global Solar Market for the Rest of the Year—Out of all of these trends I think China’s issues will define the market.  A major crash of solar projects and companies in China would reverberate across the globe.

China’s Solar Binge Is Turning Into a Hangover—If you’re not worried about China’s potential solar hangover then this article should wake you up.

China’s 5 Year Plan for Energy—Communists, even the ones who just pretend to be communist, love their five year plans.

United States Has 10 GW Of Utility-Scale Solar PV Under Construction—10 GW represents nearly two-thirds of what is operating today.  Furthermore, another 13 GW is under contract and almost 32 GW is in the planning stages.  Big numbers.  Yuge numbers.

Transportation is Now the Biggest Source of CO2 in the USA—This is why strict and aggressive CAFÉ rules matter.  It’s why a carbon tax matters.

The Economics of Electric Garbage Trucks are Awesome—Why the federal government has not come out with a plan to help subsidize and/or finance the replacement of municipal vehicles like garbage trucks and buses with electric variants boggles my mind.  A 50% reduction in fuel costs, a simpler maintenance regime, and a lack of black smoke billowing from exhaust pipes seems like a win, win, win to me.

Donald Trump has no real answer for the collapsing US coal industry—Donald Trump likes to pander to our most base desires and instincts.  Coal jobs have declined for the past twenty or so years, so it must be Obama’s fault?  All it takes is a take-no-prisoners guy like Trump to bring coal jobs back, right?  Nope.  Coal jobs are going away because the economy demands less coal, natural gas is cheap, and mechanization has made each individual coal worker exponentially more productive than the generations of coal miners before.

How Going Meatless For One Meal A Week Can Really Help The Planet-Sometimes we forget just how much impact seemingly small changes can make.  No one is asking you to skip a meal.  No one is asking you to save the whales.  It is a single meal a week made without meat.  Seems easy enough.

Meet the California Couple Who Uses More Water Than Every Home in Los Angeles Combined—The Resnick’s are lightning rods for a lot of reasons.  Growing nuts in the desert is just one of the reasons.

Big Oil’s Master Class in Rigging the System—If the influence of Big Oil, read Exxon Mobil, has ever been on display in a more naked way than the current fight over its knowing disregard of climate science I am waiting for the example.  It is amazing that the companies making billions of dollars would so publicly use their influence to have sitting members of Congress do their bidding against state attorney generals.  Wow.


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