Friday Linkage 9/16/2016

In what alternate reality do I live?  Donald J. Trump is the scariest politician that I can think of since the rise of Fascism in the 1930s.  Joseph McCarthy was not this bad.  Huey P. Long was not this bad.  Any of the long line of corrupt politicians from Illinois, New Jersey, or Louisiana was this bad.  Seriously, I ask you to go back into recent memory and find me a politician of national scale that is as bad or as scary as Donald J. Trump.

On to the links…

Beginning of the End for Fossil Power—This is an article published by Bloomberg, not Treehugger or  Furthermore, it posits that the end of fossil fuels has begun because traditional power producers are splitting off fossil fuel based generation.  A company does this because the underlying assets are going to be a future drag on the ongoing business, in this case the power grid and renewable generation.

Economic Growth Has Decoupled From Carbon For Good—Here is another reason that fossil fuels are doomed.  We no longer need to produce proportionally more power to produce an additional dollar of economic growth.  The paradigm has been broken.

America Has Seen 11 Consecutive Quarters With More Than 1 Gigawatt of Solar PV Installed—The chart below shows the quarterly installed solar capacity.  Remember, these are quarterly install numbers not a cumulative total of installed capacity:


Here’s Why Solar Farms Are Booming in the U.S.—Basically, utilities like big solar farms because it is the form of solar power that is closest to their traditional model of centralized power production.  Additionally, compared to rooftop solar these big solar farms can scale to such a level that costs are brought down to a very low level.

Johnson County Triples its Solar Power Production—Local governments are installing solar power at a good clip thanks to low prices and creative financing arrangements.  I just wish that we would stop equivocating solar power with cars taken off the road.  How about houses taken off the grid?

Electricity-Generating Windows Could Turn Skyscrapers into Solar Farms—Why not?

US Plans for 86 GW of Offshore Wind—Offshore wind is in its infancy, but it could be huge.  Not yuge.

Think Wind Power Is Cheap Now? Wait Until 2030—Making predictions for almost fifteen years into the future seems a little foolhardy, but I think there is some basis for hope here.

U.S. Companies Tout Climate Policies, Fund Climate Skeptics—Corporations like to tout their environmental responsibility, but they are actively funding the very people who are doing the most damage to building consensus around solutions.

This New Electric Bus Can Drive 350 Miles on One Charge—Every bus in the world should be an electric bus.  There is no excuse to have loud and dirty diesel busses on our streets.

Is There a Way to Revive Drought-Stricken Soil?—In an age of human caused climate change where the weather has become less predictable and epic droughts more common, our ability to regenerate ecosystems will be critical to our success or failure in terms of survival.

Turn Off the TV to Save Your Health—People have been advocating that we “kill our televisions” ever since the first sets were sold to homeowners.  Now we spend all day in front of a screen at work and then we spend our evenings in front of a screen.  Who is controlling whom?

How Much Does Your Shower Cost?—I love this calculator.  It is good for fifteen minutes of fun thinking about the cost of your showers.  There are some other fun calculators on the site as well.


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