Friday Linkage 9/30/2016

Well, Monday night could not have gone better if you like the future of democracy and decency in America.  If you like your skin the color of store brand cheese puffs you will probably delude yourself into thinking into was a “yuge” win.  Bully for you.

The problem with the election, as I see it, is that there is a small slice of people that will decide the election.  It will come down to enthusiasm and turnout, which is a scary thing for Democrats because the crazies on the other side always seem to turn out.  Hate is a great motivator for that slice of the electorate.

On to the links…

The Best Smartphone is the One You Already Own—Not buying stuff is the best way to save money and, by extension, save the planet.  Do we really need the incremental capability offered by an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7?  Not really.

There Is No Such Thing as a “Sustainable” Coffee Pod—Can we just stop with single serve coffee brewing unless it comes from an Aeropress?  The coffee is generally the equivalent of ditch weed.  The environmental cost is outstanding.  And the price paid is exorbitant.

Spain Closes In on 50 Percent Renewable Power Generation—It will be really interesting to see what happens to the Spanish grid when over half of the power is provided by renewables.  This has always been a threshold rate for naysayers because of intermittent availability, but that argument may not hold much longer.

Xcel Plans Big Expansion in Wind Power, Adding Enough Capacity for 750,000 Homes—Remember, each wind turbine is like a little dagger aimed right at the heart of coal fired power generation.

The Clean Power Plan: Driving Down Electricity Bills for Families—Do you know who benefits from the Clean Power Plan?  Everyone in America with cheaper energy bills and cleaner air.  You know who wants to kill the Clean Power Plan?  Coal companies and Republicans.

The Importance of Being Ernest Moniz—Most people only remember the hair, which is a shame because Ernest Moniz has been killing it for the forces of efficiency and clean energy.  I sincerely hope that in a President Clinton administration this man has a place.  BTW, the hair is sweet.

Studied To Death — Solar Customers Don’t Harm Non-Solar Ratepayers—Every time you turn around there is a new argument from the entrenched players as to why solar is not a good thing.  First it was too expensive.  Then it was too dangerous for line workers in an outage scenario. Followed by its intermittent availability.  Lately the bugaboo has been that solar providers are subsidized by non-solar rate payers.  Shenanigans.

How The Jaw-Dropping Fall In Solar Prices Will Change Energy Markets—At some point the price of solar will be so low that it will be something that we just “paint” onto surfaces of buildings.  I do not mean literal paint, but it will be applied with about as much forethought.

Study Finds Biomass Plastic Bottles are not as ‘Green’ as Thought—A study out of the University of Minnesota questions the green claims of various bio-plastics.

Decades after it crashed, ostrich industry poised to take off as demand grows—I vaguely remember ostrich farming being a thing about the same time people were paying crazy amounts of money for breeding pairs of alpacas.


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