Friday Linkage 10/7/2016

It is October.  Normally, people would talk about things like pumpkin spice lattes, presidential elections, or the early trajectory of the football season.  Not this kid.  I am ready for snow.  Sweet, powdery snow.  This week Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and Copper Mountain fired up their snow guns for real.  It is so close that I can almost taste it.

Just look at these guns:


On to the links…

Canadian Government says it Will Implement a Nationwide Carbon Tax by 2018—If the U.S. could just sack up and follow suit it would change the world.

‘Incredible’ Price Drops Jumpstart Clean Energy Revolution—Nuclear power was supposed to become “too cheap to meter.”  Well, that did not quite work out the way that atomic boosters thought it would in the 1950s.  Renewable energy may soon fulfil some of that promise:

1 0jfpSGJVgvCYmF7ygm24bQ.jpeg

The Cost Of Half A Billion Solar Panels Keeps Going Down, Down, Down—Just take a look at the cost curves for solar.  It only goes one way…down!

Solar Power On Brink Of Huge Boom, Social Research Indicates—The early adopters have put panels on their roof, so now it is time for the fast followers to do their thing.  I do not put a lot of stock in this theory given that a rooftop solar system is a little bit different from an iPhone, but there are people who believe it indicates a coming boom.

Solar-Powered Airports Are Taking Off Worldwide—Airports have lots of graded land that cannot host tall buildings or much activity of any kind.  Seems kind of perfect for ground installation solar panels.  Come to think of it doesn’t this describe parking lots as well?  Why aren’t we covering every parking lot in the U.S. with solar panels?  I cannot think of a good reason not to.

The One and Only Texas Wind Boom—Texas has a lot of wind and not all of it comes from Rick Perry’s blowhole.  Harnessing that wind is big business in a state more renowned for the dinosaur business.

Dark Money is Re-shaping Arizona’s Energy Fights—The people who genuinely hate clean power—like, say, the Koch brothers—are using dark money tactics to wage a proxy war against solar in states like Arizona and Florida.  Thankfully, pro-solar won recently in Florida but the war is not won in the west.

Wind Cheapest Power Source in Argentina Renewable Auction—Not coal, not natural gas but wind power.

A Look at Gold Butte, Nevada, Two Years after the Bundy Standoff—The reborn Sagebrush Rebellion has not occurred quite like the Bundy clan had hoped, but there is definitely an undercurrent that exists in the American west.  It is dangerous.

Earth’s Obliquity and Temperature Over the Last 20,000 Years—This is one of those links to keep in your backpocket for that discussion at Thanksgiving with your Uncle Carl who says global warming is a hoax and any change in average temperature is more a function of the tilt of the sun relative to the Earth. Thanks for playing Uncle Carl.

Inside a School that Recycles Two-Thirds of its Trash—Nothing fancy here besides people putting forth the effort to implement behaviors.  Talk about low hanging fruit.


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