Friday Linkage 10/21/2016

I feel like the finish line for the presidential election is very near, but it still feels very far away.  How there can be anyone left in the United States who sees Donald Trump and thinks, “That man would be a good president” is beyond me at this point.

Given the polls and general sense of electoral mood I do believe we have pulled back from the brink of totalitarianism, but I fear a continuation of right wing obstruction regardless of the margin of victory in November.

On to the links…

September was Hot—Really Hot—Depending upon who you talk to and how they interpret data, September was hot.  It is just a question of how hot:


Small Eastern Iowa Town Houses State’s Largest Solar Farm—You probably would not guess it, but the area southwest of Iowa City has become a powerhouse of solar energy.  Towns and rural electrical cooperatives, a legacy of the drive to electrify rural America, have deployed a lot of solar in the past couple of year.

Mountain States Shifting to Gas Power Generation as Colorado goes for Wind—It will be interesting to see how the mountain west deploys wind and deals with its coal infrastructure over the coming decade.  Coal is dead, but it will take a long time for that dinosaur to finally roll over.

Coal Baron Don Blankenship (Liable In Death Of 29 Miners) Claims That He’s A Political Prisoner—There are few people in modern America as despicable, dare I say deplorable, as Don Blankenship who promoted a culture of “profit at all costs” that cost 29 miners their lives and destroyed many more beyond that.  To claim he is anything other than a common criminal is a galling act of narcissism that could only be matched by one Donald J. Trump.

Global Wine Production Falls by 5% due to ‘Climatic Events’—First climate change came for our coffee and now it is coming for our wine.

Anything for First Chair—This is perhaps one of the saddest lines I have read in a long time, “Even with prompting, nothing stood out for him. He had loyalty to the family he was returning to, to finding a job with his brother, but there wasn’t one thing that pulled up the corners of his mouth unconsciously when he spoke.”  We all need to find that thing that pulls up the corners of our mouth in an unconscious grin. It keeps us alive.


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