How Does it Burn?

A while back I wrote about a little gadget that came my way to make logs or briquettes from paper.  All right, it was a long time ago and I have slacked in updating some of my projects over the past year.

Anyway, a stack of paper logs that my son and I made last year spent all spring, summer, and the beginning of fall seasoning in the garage awaiting a new outdoor fireplace.  The original chiminea on my patio finally crumbled after three seasons.  Fired clay is probably not the best material for an outdoor fireplace in Iowa.  Even if it is garaged during the winter and spring.  I digress.

With a new cast aluminum chiminea on the patio I got to burning the scraps of wood that have accumulated in my garage from several projects.  This past weekend we finally threw a paper log on the coals:


So, how does it burn?  Pretty well.  Better than I thought it would considering that it was made from pressed office paper and junk mail.  A single paper log lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes before needing a replacement.

The one downside is that the paper does not leave a bed of coals to keep the fire at a nice low rumble.  I would recommend alternating a piece of solid wood with a paper log to keep a nice bed of coals for a long night of warmth.

The next experiment is to try and press a log from newsprint that has not been shredded because that would significantly reduce the workload and mess.


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