Friday Linkage 10/28/2016

Just ten days to go until election day and it feels good.  Granted, the Cubs are in the World Series and tied 1-1 with tonight’s game in Chicago which means we might actually be at the doorstep to the apocalypse.  Because, the Cubs, right?

I do not watch television anymore since becoming a cord cutter a while back so the vitriol and sheer volume of political ads kind of took me for a loop while watching the World Series.  No wonder people are tired of this entire campaign.

On to the links…

U.S. Energy Shakeup Continues as Solar Capacity Triples—There will come a point when renewables push fossil fuels into a death spiral.  I think we have seen it already happen with coal, so now the efforts need to be redoubled to do the same to liquid transportation fuels and natural gas.

There are no People Backing Florida’s Deceptive Solar Amendment. Only Corporations.—This is what you get in a world where Citizens United allows for unlimited corporate and oligarch dark money to drown out everyone else’s speech.  Look at the Astroturf:


Why the Feds Won’t Let You Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground—WTF?  The federal government is basically saying that there is a set of rules for Big Oil and there is another set of rules for everyone else.  Play in Big Oil’s sandbox and you will get slapped.  Remember Tim DeChristopher?  Same freaking thing here.

Europe’s Offshore Wind Industry Booming as Costs Fall—European offshore wind is booming because costs have fallen as more projects have come online.  Like other renewables before it, offshore wind has gotten past its initial teething and is entering the phase where costs drop like a stone.

World’s First Wind-Hydro Farm Supplies Power Even When There’s No Wind—Systems like this one in Germany are being built all over the world.  It is one option to take care of the supposed problem of intermittency.

Iceland Drills Hottest Hole to Tap into Energy of Molten Magma—Iceland is already a renewable powerhouse thanks to abundant hydroelectric power. Think of the country as a lab for geothermal where technologies developed in Iceland can be deployed all over the world.  Like, say, Hawaii.

TetraPOT uses Mangroves to Grow a Greener Sea Defense System—Why can’t we get someone to fund a demonstration project in an at risk seaside community?  How much could it really cost?  Consider how much money has been wasted on the current election in ads.

Renewing Forests in Colorado: Opportunities for Bioenergy—All those dead trees in the mountains of Colorado look attractive for biomass energy projects, but so many of these schemes have failed to economically produce energy that I wonder if we should embrace a different paradigm.

Big Food Strikes Back: Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take On Corporate Agriculture?—Food policy or rather the reform of federal food policy has to stand as one of the Obama administration’s great failures over the past eight years.

The Impossible Burger Sells Out in Its First San Francisco Weekend—The Impossible Burger seems like the first veggie burger that may actually live up to the hype.  It’s only been released in a limited way in a couple of markets, but the buzz is undeniable.  I never thought I would say that I am really excited to try a veggie burger.

What does New York do with All that Trash?—We rarely, if ever, think about trash in a substantive way.  Sure, we recycle but that is really just eco-salve for our wasteful souls.  What happens to all the stuff we throw away?


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