Friday Linkage 11/4/2016

The end times may be here. I stayed up until nearly Thursday morning to watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.  Yes, read that again.  Now I am faced with the distinct possibility that the single most unfit human to ever be a major party candidate for President has a chance at winning.  If Trump were to actually take the oath of office I have the distinct fear that the crust of the Earth would break open and begin consuming modern civilization.  Or maybe not.  I am still undecided.

On to the links…

If Congress was Your Co-Worker—It’s funny and it’s sad all wrapped up in the same tortilla.

100% Renewables Increasingly Looks Possible—This is not Treehugger or saying that 100% renewable energy is possible.  It’s Forbes.  Let that sink in for a moment.

America’s Energy Revolution Hits a Historic Milepost—Take a look at the chart:


We produce less carbon generating power, producing stuff, operating commercial buildings, and living in our homes but we still produce more carbon from our vehicles.  Opportunity knocks.

Just 90 Companies are Accountable for More than 60 Percent of Greenhouse Gases—I think this just serves as a list of where to start when figuring out how to combat climate change.

Colorado One of 11 States that Generated at least 10 Percent of its Electricity from Wind in 2015—The article is ostensibly about the amount of wind energy generated by Colorado, it is from the Denver Post after all, but the graphic has another point that stands out to me:


What the hell Nebraska?  Surrounded by states killing it with regard to wind power and Nebraska is sucking the big fat one.

Forget California: The Northeast is Emerging as a Clean Energy Leader—California is smug when it comes to being a cheerleader for clean energy.  Of course they are further along than other states…oh wait, maybe not so much.  Uh oh.

8 Benefits of Distributed Solar that Prove it’s Worth More than Dollars and Cents—Sometimes the reasons that we do things do not come down to just economic criteria no matter what economists would like you to believe.  We are not the purely rational actors we would like to think ourselves to be.

Poo Power: Dutch Dairy Industry Launches €150m Biogas Project—Since we seem incapable of slacking our insatiable appetite for dairy and meat, maybe we need to figure out what to do with some of the nasty by-products.  Why not require all CAFOs to send their effluent to a plant such as this?

Nutritionists Built Close Ties with the Food Industry. Now They’re Seeking Some Distance—Basically, nutritionists sold out to big food and now want a mulligan.  Welcome to the party guys.

Let It Bleed (Humanely): We Taste the Vegan “Impossible” and “Beyond” Burgers—I am not cool enough to live near one of the locales serving as living laboratories for these new faux meats.  I am, however, following the development with intense interest.


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