Friday Linkage 11/11/2016

Well that was depressing.   Get ready for a world where Rudy Giuliani is a member of the president’s cabinet.  Get ready for a world where Sarah Palin’s opinion matters again.  Get ready for a world where Chris Christie is something more than a fast food order gofer.  Oh yeah, it’s Trumplandia.

On to the links…

Trump Can’t Stop The Clean Economy—We can only hope.

Florida Voted Down an Anti-Solar Initiative—Thankfully, this measure needed 60% of the votes to pass because it actually got 51%.

Britain’s Last Coal Power Plants to Close by 2025—You are going to hear a lot about the “war on coal” in the next couple of years, right after the “drill, baby drill” people get done yelling, but the worldwide move away from coal is a function of market dynamics.  People want cleaner, cheaper energy.  Natural gas is cleaner and cheaper than coal.  Wind is cheaper and cleaner than coal.

Geologists Explain Oklahoma Earthquakes, Ponder ‘Unknown’—Oklahoma has fracked the hell out of its bedrock, pumped it full of fracking fluid laced wastewater, and now the ground is literally shaking beneath people’s feet.  But, hey, go ahead and increase drilling.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Peak Car Ownership will Speed Up Peak Oil Demand—Who knows what the next few years will bring in terms of policy, but some larger macro trends may be too powerful to change in any appreciable way.

It’s Going to Get a Lot Easier to Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle—This was a great idea while it lasted, but I am guessing that President Trump will axe this right away because he is the “change we deserve.”

Why Planting More Trees is One of the Best Things a Hot, Polluted City Can Do—Is this not one of the most “no shit” type of headlines you have seen in a while?  Now, there are some good statistics and logic underlying what seems apparent.

Thrift Stores for Building Materials Ride the Re-use Wave—I can attest that our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store is a freaking circus on the weekends.

Sugar Water—I thought that this was one of the more insightful pieces on what is being “developed” in places like Silicone Valley.  What does the world need with another meal kit delivery company or cats with hats app?


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