Here is How Paul Ryan Wants to Kill Medicare

Thankfully, the good folks over at Think Progress has thoroughly laid out Paul Ryan’s likely plan to kill Medicare as we know it.

Here is the best part…Paul Ryan is already trying to figure out ways to weasel his way out of just killing Medicare.  He is already floating the idea that existing Medicare recipients will get to keep their coverage.  This is known as “keep people happy who vote Republican, but fuck with the rest of society” policy making.  Hey grandma, your health insurance is great but I can’t get a policy to save my life.  Well honey, we voted for Republicans and this was their promise.  At least America is great again for rich white people.

Republicans voted for Paul Ryan to be their speaker, so this is their plan as much as anyone’s.  Republicans own Paul Ryan’s plan to kill Medicare.  They just do not realize it yet.

You need to be in contact with your members of Congress everyday regarding this issue.  Everyone must be held accountable for this terrible plan.


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