Iowa, this is Your Republican Majority

Iowa handed control of both chambers of its legislature to Republicans.  Already, these legislators are “feeling their oats.”  In response to recent protests concerning the election of Donald Trump, who did not win the majority of votes cast, Representative Bobby Kaufmann introduced a bill entitled “Suck it up, Buttercup.”

This is what serious legislation looks like in a Republican majority in the state of Iowa.  Granted, a protest on an interstate is probably not a good idea but passing laws that might have a chilling effect on free speech is…well, Orwellian.

When President Obama was elected Republicans stomped their feet, crossed their arms, and made sure that everyone knew they were in opposition to the President.  Senator Mitch McConnell’s overriding goal as a legislative leader was to ensure that President Obama was a single term president.  When President Obama won a second term by a decisive margin in both the Electoral College and the popular vote these same Republicans made it a point to be a obtuse and reactionary as possible.  Now that it is their guy in the White House it is our job to “suck it up” even though there was no mandate in this election regardless of what any Trump supporter says to you.

We need to make them own every silly comment, legislative endeavor, or supporter behavior for the next few years.  We cannot become numb or desensitized to the point where this behavior seems normal.  It is not normal.  It is not American.


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