Friday Linkage 11/18/2016

I was going to start out apologizing for being so political lately, but…screw that…because if you are not angry and doing something about it then I have no patience for your apathy.  Now is the time to be informed about all the issues and hit your members of Congress with your opinions at every opportunity.  Trust me, I am waiting for the day when staffers at my local Congressman’s office groan.

On to the links…

How to Effectively Lobby Your Congressperson—Take these suggestions to heart.  More importantly, do it.

Here are Six Reasons not to Give Up Hope.—It is easy to get down.  Hell, I am down.  But the future can be bright if we pick ourselves up off the mat and get to making real change.  The momentum for real progress on climate change is there and we just need to keep on pushing.

Green Groups Prepare to Fight under President Trump—President Trump is bad enough, but a Republican led Congress is even worse.  We must fight them at every chance and make them own every action that they take.  Transfer public lands for private gain?  Make them own it.  Gut the Endangered Species Act?  Make them own it.  You get the idea.

Total Installed Solar PV Reaches 228 GW In 2015—Solar penetration is real.  Every panel that is installed represents demand destruction for coal fired power.

Declining Coal Means Flat Emissions for a Third Year Running—Like the sub-headline says, thanks China.

Old and Worn Out, U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants Easy Prey for Gas—Here is another thing that is killing coal.  A power company does not want to upgrade or replace a coal fired power plant when it comes to the end of its usable life.  Fewer coal fired furnaces mean less demand for coal.

Mirroring a Drop in Emissions, Mercury in Tuna also Declines—It’s not just about CO2.  Burn less stuff and you release less nasty stuff like mercury or arsenic.  No one thinks mercury in the atmosphere or food chain is a good thing.  Except maybe Republicans.

Renewable Energy is Seeping into Small-Town America—Here in Iowa, a state that went big for the orange man, people could not imagine large swaths of the western part of the state.  Lease payments have allowed many people to maintain a life on the farm that would not have been possible with the boom or bust in farm commodity prices.

Renewable Energy Made Up Record 21.7% of Australia’s Electricity Market in October—This is a reason why coal is dead.  It’s not regulation.  It’s not environmentalists.  It’s freaking economics on the most truly macroeconomic scale.  The world just wants less coal because renewables are cheap, clean, and growing.

The World’s Cheapest Offshore Wind Farm is Coming to Scandinavia—What happens when offshore wind is cost competitive with coal, natural gas, or onshore wind?  You can put offshore wind turbines near the bulk of population that lives near the coast at a price that obliterates fossil fuels.

Biofuels Turn Out to be a Climate Mistake—I have always been an ethanol guy and had a lot of hope for second generation biofuels to alleviate some of the concerns with first generation biofuels.  Maybe we should just abandon the idea altogether.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Peak Oil Demand—There is a downside to peak oil demand.  As demand peaks and prices drop there is a high probability that shaky regimes or regions that depend on oil revenue for stability fail.  Imagine a series of Venezuela like crises across the globe or concentrated in the Middle East.

Renegade Facebook Employees Form Task Force to Battle Fake News—If Facebook is the primary source of news for a great many people it is incumbent on Facebook to edit that news to some degree.  Otherwise they might as well just slap a Breitbart or Infowars logo on their site and be done.

Glenn Beck: The Alt-Right is Truly Terrifying—I know that the apocalypse might actually be upon us because I find myself agreeing with Glenn Beck.

There’s Another Type of Rural/Urban Divide in America: Teens Having Babies—Urban areas are not the blighted hellscapes of Donald Trump’s fever dreams.  Ironically, many of the worst performing areas in regards to a lot of lifestyle metrics are rural areas.

Here’s Why Coffee Pods are Pure Evil—Can we just all agree that the convenience of coffee pods is not worth all of the downsides?


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