“There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.”

Scottie Nell Hughes, Donald Trump’s unrestrained id on the cable television news circuit, is now the fortune teller of our future.  We have entered a “fact free” world according to the new bosses of the right wing.

It does not matter if the claim is that millions of people voted illegally despite a preponderance of evidence that indicates in person voter fraud is about as rare as someone getting struck by lightning.  Oh wait, it is actually considerably more unlikely than getting struck by lightning.  My bad.

It does not matter if the claim is that a major party candidate for president is running a child exploitation operation with fellow political operatives out of a family friendly pizza parlor slash ping pong venue.  Never mind that this fact free fiction was promoted by the son of a president-elect’s advisor and “self-investigated” by a nut job from North Carolina with an armload of firearms.

What has happened is that one of the major political parties in the United States has been hijacked by a candidate who has no sense of truth.  Whatever Donald Trump says that day is what he believes and is, therefore, to be considered truth.  He alone reserves the right to change his mind and, thus, change the very nature of truth.  Remember when Republicans got all up in arms when Bill Clinton foolishly questioned what the definition of “is” was?  That is small potatoes compared to the Orwellian nightmare of our current president elect.

Republicans are going to spend the next four years contorting themselves to explain the president because they care about nothing other than pure power.  Ideology is irrelevant.  Truth is irrelevant.  America is irrelevant.  All that matters is the ability to manipulate power as if it were sand flowing between your fingertips.

We may be doomed.


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