Little Clamping Tricks

When you are building things from plans on the internet sometimes you have to deviate and other times you have to improvise.  While building my version of the rustic x end table from Ana White I had a little conundrum with the securing of the decorative x on each side of the two tables.

These are not load bearing in any way, so the pieces are completely decorative but merely gluing and securing with a few pneumatically driven brads seemed a little light in terms of construction.  The pieces were to be glued using end grain which is notorious from being a poor holder of joints.  Ugh, first world problems.

I decided to secure each end of the x with a screw driven from the top or bottom leaving only two ends in the middle to be secured in another fashion.  One of the x pieces was also secured with a screw driven through the full length x piece.  The screw head would be hidden by the final x piece that was going to be glued into place.

The final problem that remained was how to glue the angled piece and clamp it securely.  I cut the end a hair long so that it would have to be nudged into place with a little assistance and clamped everything down using a pair of scrap wood pieces with angles cut corresponding to the x pieces:


It’s not perfect and it is not pretty, but it carried the day.


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