What’s in the Box: Nomadik July 2017

I actually got to writing about July’s Nomadik box before the next month’s box was ready to ship.  Not bad considering I spent the first part of the month in Colorado struggling with altitude and failing in my quest to summit a 14er.

Every Day Carry (EDC) is the theme of July’s Nomadik box.  Now, EDC started off as something for concealed or open carry gun advocates to show others what they took out onto the street every day.  Hit the interwebs, search for EDC, and be prepared to see a plethora of images detailing the pocket dumps of EDC advocates.  The term EDC has evolved lately to encompass other enthusiast communities like the outdoors and I guess that is who Nomadik is hoping to satisfy with this box.

Is it dorky to get excited about a keychain?  Regardless, I am digging the Exotac FREEkey:


The idea here is that it is easy to add or remove keys without the usual hassle of cracking fingernails or pinching skin.  With a well-placed squeeze the ring opens up:


Granted, I do not frequently add or remove keys but the struggle is real.  The test of the FREEkey’s worth will be how it holds up over the next few months when compared with my five year old key ring.

Have you heard of Famous Surf Supply?  I hadn’t, but now I have a vacuum water bottle with their logo emblazoned on it so I guess I have heard of Famous Surf Supply:


Look, it’s a vacuum bottle.  Like carabiners can we ever really have enough of these things?  I appreciate that it came with an alternative lid that has a screw top for drinking.  I outfitted all of my old school wide mouth Nalgene bottles with a similar cap and it makes a world of difference.  It may be from some famous company, but it is after all just another vacuum bottle in a world of Yeti tumblers.

Do you even MOLLE bro?  Are you an operator who operates in an operation environment?  Sorry for the sidebar into mall ninja jokes.  This is a 3V Gear utility pouch:


3V?  As in “veni, vidi, vici.”  Very subtle guys.  If you know what MOLLE is you are probably aware of the guys who cannot get enough of the military’s standard system of loops and straps for bags and other gear.  I have seen guys outfit the backs of truck seats and the interior roofs of Jeeps with attachment points.  I am sure that it serves a purpose when you are trying to outfit hundreds of thousands of soldiers with gear but a well thought out pack will accomplish the same thing.  Heck, it might even be high speed, low drag.  Sorry, I went into mall ninja territory again.

It’s a small pouch that you can loop through standard MOLLE straps.  You could put some stuff in here or you could have it collect some dust in your bin of stuff you may get to someday.

I really enjoy getting food items in these boxes.  It is a function of my desire to try every new energy bar or snack that shows up in the little boxes by the cash register of your local bike or ski shop.  Why?  I have no idea, but if Honey Stinger comes out with something new I am usually right there buying one to try out the next day.  This month’s box included a Big Sur Bar:


First off, it is big.  Like a very weighty granola bar.  I was somewhat afraid to look at the caloric content given its heft, but the Date Night flavor clocks in at 200 calories.  Wait a second, that is 200 calories per serving and the label says that the package contains three servings.  WTF?  Can we please stop the labelling insanity where items usually consumed as a single piece or serving are chopped up into multiple servings?  So, this thing has 600 calories.  Damn!

Second, it is layered:


This would not have been a problem had the bar not separated into three pieces along these fault lines about four bites into the bar.  Not really a problem unless you are intending to actually consume this while being active, which is sort of the target market for this monstrosity.  I am going to have to take a pass on future Big Sur Bars and keep stocking my Honey Stingers.


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