Friday Linkage 8/4/2017

I am trying to be positive as I work on several things regarding the homefront—trying to get my solar panels installed, reducing my electricity usage to below 300 kWh per month on average, etc.—but this world is really depressing.

On to the links…

If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef—One change—not giving up our cars, not giving up our 70” LCD televisions—could almost get us to the targets agreed to in the now-abandoned Paris Climate Accord.  If we just gave up beef for beans.  Not chicken or pork or fish.  Just beef.  Let that sink in for a moment when people whine that there is nothing we can do to prevent catastrophic climate change.

New Florida Law Lets Residents Challenge School Textbooks—Florida is an amazing septic system for America’s worst ideas.  It seems like things just slide down into that state and never really go away.  Somehow I see this working out really well.

Department Of Energy Boosts Perry: ‘Winning’ Fight Against Climate Scientists—The propaganda is real and it is pervasive.  Rick Perry has not “won” anything except a public perception that he is incompetent.  The only thing keeping people from laughing at him more is that he serves in a government full of incompetent people who are significantly more offensive.

The Interior Secretary Gave a Closed-Door Speech to ALEC—This administration is possibly the most corrupt in American history and it is certainly the most corrupt since the administration of Warren G. Harding.  When all is said and done we are looking at a government run by thugs and thieves for the benefit of a few.

Congress Is Still Fighting Over Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs—This ship has sailed and energy efficiency won.  However, Republicans in Congress are nothing if not dogged and bitter in their fight to…well, I do not really understand what the problem is here.  Oh right, this is something that they associate with former President Barack Obama so it must be bad.

Wind Power Supplied 124% of Household Electricity Needs in Scotland from January through June—There are a few caveats here in that it “just” supplied residential electricity demand, but take a moment to read that wind power provided 57% of the country’s total electricity demand.

Europe Adds 6.1 Gigawatts Of New Wind Capacity In 1st Half Of 2017—2017 may not set a record for wind installations, but if big year follows big year and electricity demand does not rise in lockstep the result will be a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Despite Minimal Installations, US Wind Development Surges Second Quarter—The U.S. wind industry typically goes through these odd cycles where installations lag until a breakout quarter, which is partly a function of how the financing works and the drive to maximize tax benefit without impacting capital costs.

Michigan Program Finances First Megawatt of Solar, With Ambitious Goals Ahead—Republicans won’t say it, but this is a great example of using public funds to leverage a greater degree of private investment.  Granted, it’s for clean energy so the right wing just puked a little in their mouth.  If it had been for a community coal mine maybe our dear leader would be tweeting about it.

Swapping Cars for Bikes, not Diesel for Electric, is the Best Route to Clean Air—Bicycles are the future.  EVs are nice and all, but bicycles trump EVs.  Do not even get me started on diesel.  Unless it is a veggie van.  I love SVO vehicles.

Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Debuts In Manhattan—I love older Land Rovers and Toyota FJ40s.  This truck shares those lines and updates the powertrain.  Granted, this company will probably disappear in the next year without actually producing a single truck but it’s a pretty truck.

Shopping, The Secret To Saving The Planet—I am unwilling to say that shopping is the secret.  However, when you must buy something do it with the utmost regard to the impact on the planet.


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