Books I Read in 2019…in the First Six Months

You can see what I read in the first three months of the year here.

The books that I have read in second three months of the year go like this:

A note on a book that I tried to finish, but gave up on for various reasons:

This book came highly recommended from two sources that I take seriously on what books to read next.  However, I could not finish the book.  Why?  It felt like every chapter, regardless of theme, was there to make the point that the medical establishment had failed Lyme disease patients.  As in the chapter could be about the spread of disease carrying ticks due to climate change but it would segue into a harangue on doctors ignoring Lyme symptoms in a patient in Wisconsin.  The topic is important and timely, but an editor could have tightened the narrative to make it more impactful and readable.  Sometimes you just gotta’ cry “Uncle!”

The best aspect of this, in my opinion, is that all of these books were borrowed from my local public libraries.  Yes, I said “libraries.”  I am one of those weird people who has a library card for three different library networks in the area—Cedar Rapids Metro Library Network, Iowa City Library, and the University of Iowa Library.

I have finished 23 books with just 2 to go until my goal of twenty five.  Maybe I was selling myself a little short in the reading department.


Note: The links to buy the books from Powell’s yield me no benefit.  I would encourage you to find these books at your local library, but if you must buy a book do not buy it from Amazon.

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